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Art Mural in Yauco, Puerto Rico

Photo: Art Mural in Yauco, Puerto Rico

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Many neighborhoods in Puerto Rico have become living art museums, bringing life, tourism, and new business opportunities.  One of Puerto Ricans’ favorite pastimes on Sundays is driving to a different town, and families love seeking murals to take photographs to memorialize their visit.  The name Hector is well known in Puerto Rico, he went on a mission to paint a giant flag in all 78 municipalities, and each painting of the flag becomes an event with a large gathering of followers to celebrate the new creation.

When you visit a town, we invite you to go into the historic districts of municipalities in search of murals and the painted flag.  Although there are many, many places, the following are great quick stops as you explore the island.

Yauco, Puerto Rico

Yauco is a testimony of the transformative power of art in a community and how it can bring joy, hope, and unity to a community.  If you’re in the southern region, be sure to stop by the town of Yauco, the most colorful town in Puerto Rico.  

The Colors of Yauco - Best places to visit in South Region of Puerto Rico

From Ponce, the drive to Yauco is 20 minutes.  From Route 52, you can’t miss the burst rainbow of colors created by the painted homes against the green hills.

Yauco Puerto Rico

The project Yaucromatic, began in 2017, led by Jonathan Hernandez Leon, president of the nonprofit organization Arte Para Unir (Art to Unite).   What was a neighborhood affected by poverty and prone to crime, was transformed into one of the most visited places in Puerto Rico by residents around the island and tourists.  A group of talented and dedicated artists from Pintalto and other community artists created murals around the town.  The entire community got involved to color homes and abandoned places in the Cantera hillside neighborhood and around town.

This creative project has attracted the attention of music artists, Ozuna, a reggaeton artist, chooses Yauco as a filming location for one of his music videos, capturing the attention of the younger generations to visit the neighborhood.

Best Time to Visit Yauco:  The once-forgotten Cantera hillside, is now a happy, colorful place.  On the weekends, residents are sitting on the balconies to greet visitors with smiles, there’s music playing on the street, and community volunteers are there to greet visitors.  During your visit, we encourage you to bring a little cash to help the local economy, local artisans set stands to sell crafts.  You’re welcome to visit the neighborhood anytime during the week, but if you happen to be around the southern region of Puerto Rico on a weekend, then head to Yauco for an hour, it is extra festive.

San Juan, Capital City of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Art Murals - Dona Fela - San Juan

In San Juan, take a walk down Paseo Puerta de Tierra to Doña Fela Mosaic Art Remembrance Walkway.   Many travel guides suggest you visit the district of Santurce, although very interesting, it is not an ideal place to wander if you don’t know the area, therefore we suggest you go with a tour guide.

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San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

Art Mural in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

San Sebastian is a lovely town located in the mountainside of the west region of Puerto Rico.  While most visitors head to the dreamy waterfalls of Cascadas Gozalandia, we invite you to take a quick drive into the historic square of the town, you can visit a few interesting museums and also find some lovely art murals at the plaza (square) – see map below for location.  The town is very clean and nice to take a short walk around.

Map of Best Places for Visitors to See Art Murals in Puerto Rico

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