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Puerto Rico East Coast Beaches Guide

Most Beautiful Beaches, Best Excursions & Water Activities

Top Rated Beach Tour to Icacos Cay

Puerto Rico’s East Coast beaches provide a variety of experiences for beach lovers.  Enjoy lively family favorites such as Luquillo Beach and secluded beach coves, which are perfect for those seeking complete relaxation away from crowds.  On the East Coast, the fun on the water does not end when the sun goes down; head to Laguna Grande Lagoon to experience the magical natural wonder of bioluminescence.  

Water Activities on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

Enjoy activities on the water such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fun catamaran tours or luxury private charters to dreamy islands, including a visit to a filming location for Pirates of the Caribbean.  Go kayaking, take a romantic horseback ride on the beach, and more.  After using this guide, please take a look at the beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico, so you can choose the vacation tourist region that fulfills your vacation dreams.  Last and certainly not least, don’t leave the east without visiting the fantastic world-famous Flamenco Beach. 

How we list beaches on the East Coast:  We begin with the famous Icacos Cay and Flamenco Beach, which require a boat ride.  We continue taking you on a tour of the best beaches, starting northeast in the town of Loiza and continuing to the southeast. 

The #1 Beach on the East Coast & The Best in All of Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach – Culebra, Puerto Rico

The Most Beautiful Beach in Puerto Rico, Consistently Ranked Among the Best in the World

Flamenco Beach - Best beaches on the east coast of Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach is undoubtedly at the very top of the list of best beaches in Puerto Rico, making it one of the most popular excursions.  The landscape of Flamenco is breathtaking and free of development.  The water… so clear, warm, like stained glass, and just the perfect salinity for a refreshing swim.  The sparkling white sand is light inviting your feet for a walk along the beach to explore the landscape and abandoned Navy tanks. 

You should see it first thing in the morning when the night breeze has erased every step from the previous day’s visitors.  Then… the amazing snorkeling experiences you can have at Flamenco, exploring the colorful reef where sea turtles play.

Flamenco Beach Excursions from Fajardo

The Most Popular Beach Excursion on the East Coast

Beach at Cayo Icacos (Icacos Cay) – Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Icacos Cay - Best beaches on the east coast of Puerto Rico

Icacos Cay, is one of the prettiest cays and is among the top places to visit on the island.   Icacos is part of Cordillera Keys Nature Reserve (Reserva Natural los Cayos de la Cordillera).  A few hours on the beach at Icacos will give you the pleasures of a secluded island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.  It is likely you’ll be swimming along friendly dolphins that frequently swim around Icacos.  During optimal weather, the water is very clear, tours typically make a stop at a snorkeling spot with colorful schools of fish.  Visitors can choose from a number of fun catamaran tours as well as sailing and private charters.

Top Rated Icacos Cay Tours & Excursions

Best Places to Stay near Icacos Cay

Best Beaches on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

We start in Loiza on the Northeast and travel Southeast

La Posita de Piñones – Loiza, Puerto Rico

Posita de Piñones in Loiza - East Coast of Puerto Rico

At Posita de Piñones, just 20 minutes from San Juan and 7 minutes from Isla Verde, you can enjoy a completely different vibe than the city beaches.  The water at Posita de Piñones is very clear and there’s a long coral wall creating a natural shallow pool perfect for floating, relaxing, and for small children to play and swim.  The best time to go to avoid crowds is mornings during the week.   During the weekends, local families head to La Posita de Piñones for fun under the sun.  Nearby there are more beaches, and a fun way to explore them is by going on an ATV tour.

The best Places to Stay Nearby are in Isla Verde

Luquillo Beach / Balneario La Monserrate – Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach - Most Popular Beach on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

Reserve a Spot on this Romantic and Adventurous Tour to Luquillo Beach

More Tours to Luquilllo Beach

Luquillo Beach formally named Balneario La Monserrate is the most popular beach on the east coast, often combined with a day trip to El Yunque Rainforest.  The water is calm, the beach is wide and the sand is firm making it wonderful for a long romantic walk and horseback ride.  The landscape is one of the most attractive on the island with El Yunque as the backdrop.   Like Boqueron, Luquillo is known for the abundance of palm trees, creating that tropical vibe visitors dream of on vacation. 

When you’re hungry, just steps from the beach, you can enjoy delicious Piña Coladas served right on the pineapple, and try traditional frituras (traditional Puerto Rican fritters).  Just outside of the beach park, you can have a gastronomic cultural experience at the Luquillo Kiosks at non-tourist prices since locals go there daily.

Visiting Tips

Fun Beach Day Itinerary:  Explore El Yunque National Rainforest, then head to Luquillo Beach and Luquillo Kiosks.

Balneario Seven Seas – Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Balneario Seven Seas - Fajardo - Beach on the east coast of Puerto Rico

Seven Seas is the most family-friendly beach in Fajardo, a protected cove with calm water.  Seven Seas offers decent snorkeling and it is a good place for children to learn.  Enjoy shaded spots on the sand under palm trees with views of the lighthouse nestled at the top of Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve.

Snorkeling Experiences at Seven Seas - Fajardo

Best Places to Stay near Seven Seas Beach

Visiting Tips

Fun Beach Day Itinerary:  For a fun beach exploration day, Seven Seas is the starting point for a hike to more secluded beaches such as Playa La Escondida and Playa Colora.  After a day under the sun, head over to Las Croabas for a bioluminescent bay tour under the stars.


Playa Colora – Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Playa Colora - Fajardo, Puerto Rico Beaches

Playa Colora Beach will be loved by those who crave to be serenaded by the loud sounds of the ocean and feel enveloped by nature alone.  Playa Colora is unsafe for swimming or bathing, but this beach’s scenery and the vivid colors of the landscape certainly make up for it.

Best Places to Stay near Playa Colora

Playa Escondida – Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Playa Escondida, Fajardo, Puerto Rico - East Coast

Playa Escondida translates to Hidden Beach, and the name describes it well.  Escondida is a local favorite for those that year for a feeling of seclusion.   Please be advised that this beach can be dangerous, and individuals have drowned due to the currents.  When you get there, the waters may seem calm, but again, there may be dangerous currents.  There’s an area protected by a coral wall, depending on the tide, it is nice and shallow where you can sit down to relax and enjoy the serenity and views of the rainforest across.  To get there, you’ll have to take a scenic hike which starts at Seven Seas Beach.  Make a stop at Playa Colora on your way to Escondida.

Best Places to Stay near Playa Escondida

Playa Rocosa – Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Playa Rocosa - Fajardo, Puerto Rico Beaches

Visit Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve.  A segment of the tour leads you to Playa Rocosa, a serene beach with the most enchanting ocean sounds you’ll ever hear. The rhythmic symphony of the surf crashing against the rocky shore evolves into a melodic cadence as the water gently washes over countless smooth rock pebbles.  While it may not be suitable for swimming, take a moment to savor the experience because the tour stop doesn’t last long.  After capturing a quick photo with your phone camera, tuck it away and immerse yourself in the melodic ambiance, allowing the sounds of this special beach to weave its soothing melody to create a memorable and tranquil pause in your Puerto Rico journey. 

Playa Punta Tuna – Maunabo, Puerto Rico

Punta Tuna Beach,  Maunabo, Puerto Rico

A dreamy place, one of the quietest beaches on the island.  Playa Punta Tuna is a great beach for long walks on holding hands with your loved one.  Punta Tuna Beach is a protected nature reserve where you won’t see any buildings along the shore.  You can feel the embrace of nature’s beauty as you walk along a lush line of tall palm trees and listen to the Caribbean Sea waves…

Playa Los Bohios – Maunabo, Puerto Rico

Playa Los Bohios - Black Sand Beach - Puerto Rico East Coast

Tour to Los Bohios Beach

Playa Los Bohios is a dream for those that love to spend quality time with their loved ones, disconnect and connect with nature.  Visitors attracted to this beach come for the black sand… but there’s so much more.  Leaning palm trees will tempt you to take out your phone for that Instragrammable photo, but instead of capturing the perfect pose, we invite you to capture the essence of this place.  Walk to the west side of Playa Los Bohios, there’s no development, the landscape is rugged and you’ll see the mouth of Rio Maunabo (River) flow into the sea.

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