The most popular and accessible beach in Fajardo is Seven Seas, a half-moon-shaped bay with calm water, safe for swimming.  

Go Snorkeling at Seven Seas Beach

Seven Seas is the best beach in Fajardo.  It is a good place to learn and snorkel with the whole family.   There are nice tours available for the whole family taking you to the best spots, so you can have the best experience. 

Snorkeling Tours at Seven Seas Beach - Fajardo

Facilities and Food at Seven Seas Beach

Nearby visitors can eat at casual eateries offering traditional Puerto Rican food and fritters.  The beach has some facilities such as restrooms and a few gazebos and picnic tables.  Bring your own wipes and sanitizer for use in the bathroom.

Visit the Nearby Beaches of Playa Colora and Playa Escondida

A visit to Seven Seas gives you three beach experiences if you’re willing to take a short hike.  On the east end of Seven Seas, you’ll see a trail that leads to two beaches; Playa Colora, a beautiful beach with a dramatic landscape and clay color sand and Playa Escondida, as the name implies a hidden beach at the end of the trail with views of the rainforest in the distance. Please be aware that Playa Colora is not safe to swim and Playa Escondida, although it looks calm, you should stay on the shallow end due to dangerous currents, many people have died on that beach from drownings.

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Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Fajardo, Puerto Rico