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Best Beachcombing Beaches in Puerto Rico

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Carry back a piece of Puerto Rico’s coastal gems with you, a treasure from the ever-evolving canvas of the ocean’s edge.  Glass bottles, weathered driftwood, delicate seashells, and smoothed pebbles undergo a remarkable transformation, sculpted into nature’s own works of art, each bearing the mark of the sea’s gentle caress.  Following, I share with you some of my favorite places to go beachcombing.  All the beaches mentioned are easy to access, we have provided maps to help you find them.  

Best Beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Beach Combing

Playa Cofi in Vieques (Nicknamed Sea Glass Beach)

Sea Glass

Best Beaches with Sea Glass in Puerto Rico - Playa Cofi - Vieques

We’ve extensively explored the coastlines of Puerto Rico, Vieques, and Culebra, and cays.  Our favorite beach to go searching for sea glass is Playa Cofi located on the north shore of Vieques, one of the islands of Puerto Rico.  The beach is on the north side of the island of Vieques. The sand is burnt orange, like clay, a distinct color from the rocks that have slowly turned to sand by the crashing of the waves.  To learn how to get to Vieques, please visit our traveling to the islands guide.

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+ Map of Cofi Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Best Beaches on the West Coast of Puerto Rico

Beach Combing

Balneario de Boqueron in Cabo Rojo

Baby Seashells

Sea Shells at Boqueron Beach.  Places to Go Beach Combing in Puerto Rico

Out of all my childhood memories at the beach, collecting seashells at Boqueron Beach is among my most cherished.  I had a big Soda Cracker tin box full of them!  I invite you to go to Balneario de Boqueron (Boqueron Beach) and enjoy a walk on the beach to look for these tiny treasures.  You’ll have to walk about 2/3 of the beach south to get to where they collect, forming a thick carpet of seashells over the ivory sand.  Once you get there, allow your inner child to be free, sit on the sand, and find special pieces to take home as a souvenir of your visit to Puerto Rico.

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+ See Map of Balneario de Boqueron - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Playa Rompeolas in Aguadilla

Sea Glass & Seashells

Puerto Rico Best Beachcombing Beaches - Playa Rompeolas in Aguadilla

We typically visit this beach early in the morning; a few times, we’ve found local artists searching for sea glass.  A visit to Playa Rompeolas offers a treasure hunt and a look at the life of local fishermen coming in with their fresh catch.  Playa Rompeolas is a charming beach with colorful fishermen’s boats dotting the beach and views of the Ruins of the Sugar Mill Pier.  This beach is popular among local families since the waters are calm and rarely crowded.  There’s a beachfront bar and grill and free parking walking distance to the beach, perfect to bring your lounge chair and kids stuff.

+ See Map of Playa Rompeolas - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Playa Middles in Isabela, Puerto Rico


Playa Middles in Isabela, Puerto Rico - Beach Combing Beaches

Playa Middles is known as a surfing beach, but we love it for taking a relaxing walk.  I have found some unique sea shells and curiosities on the sand at Middles, such as tiny toys that have traveled across the ocean.  Searching for seashells is a joy at this beach; during high tide in winter months, the waves crashing against the coral wall mesmerize, and the sounds are like a song.  To get to the seashell spot, start your adventure at Pozo de Teodoro, one of my favorite beaches to relax with family and friends.  From Pozo Teodoro walk just about two minutes west.  The spot is right across from the end of the big coral wall.

+ See Map of Middles Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa Colon in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Sea Glass

Playa Colon - Aguadilla Puerto Rico - Best Beaches for Sea Glass

In the town of Aguadilla, located on the northwest of the island, head to Playa Colon.  I love going at sunset after enjoying a day at the beach at Rompeolas, which is just down the road from Playa Colon.  During sunset, the sea glass glistens to the golden glow, making the pieces even easier to spot on the sand, truly making them look like gems.  I hope you enjoy your search for seaglass as much as I always do.

+ Map of Playa Colon, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Best Beaches on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

Beach Combing

Playa Colora in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Tons of Tiny & Beautiful Baby Seashells

Puerto Rico Seashell Beaches - Playa Colora in Fajardo

If you’re vacationing on the East Coast of Puerto Rico, you’re in for a treat at Playa Colora, where you’ll find trails of beautiful tiny seashells on the deep clay-colored sand.  Playa Colora has the most beautiful and rugged landscape in Fajardo.  

Playa Colora in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. One of the best beaches with seashells.

The blue tones of the water are very inviting, but please know and remember that this beach is not safe for swimming due to undercurrents.  It takes a short, easy hike from Seven Seas to get to Playa Colora.

While in Fajardo, don’t miss Laguna Grande, a bioluminescent lagoon, the second brightest in Puerto Rico.

+ Map of Playa Colora, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Guardarraya Beach in Patillas, Puerto Rico

Beach Rocks, Pebbles and Hidden Seashells

Playa Guardarraya in Patillas, Puerto Rico

If you love beach rocks, pebbles, and searching for hidden seashells, head to Guardarraya Beach in Patillas.  Instead of sand, the shore is covered in beach rocks of different shapes, sizes, and colors. I had a relaxing time searching for more polished rocks and found beautiful ones in shades of black and green.  Parking is convenient, just steps from the beach.  There’s a truck selling fresh local fruits, vegetables and drinks.  On this road there are various food kiosks and restaurants.

+ Map of Guardarraya Beach - Patillas, Puerto Rico

Escondida Beach in Patillas, Puerto Rico

Beach Pebbles, Rocks and Seashells

Playa Escondida (Beach) - Patillas, Puerto Rico

Just like nearby Guardarraya Beach, you can easily go beachcombing for beautiful rocks turned into polished pebbles.  We have also found some beautiful seashells along the shore.  This beach, as its name implies, feels more hidden and sees fewer visitors.   The beach is more narrow than Guardarraya, and parking is limited to about 3 cars, possibly the reason it remains nice and quiet.  We love to beach to lounge; the sounds of the surf rushing over the rocks create a melodic sound that’s hypnotizing.  Plan on staying a little longer to just take in the views and sounds. 

+ Map of Escondida Beach - Patillas, Puerto Rico

Best Beaches on the North Coast of Puerto Rico

Beach Combing

Rio Mar Beach / Playa Hatillo

Drift Wood & Bamboo

Playa Hatillo / Rio Mar Beach - Hatillo - Puerto Rico's Best Beach Combing Beaches - Driftwood

If you love beachcombing and are traveling with children, Playa Hatillo also known as Rio Mar ought to be on your itinerary.  This beach is located in the town of Hatillo, about 1 hour and 15 minutes from San Juan.  If you long for a peaceful walk on the beach, you’ll enjoy beachcombing on this expansive, wide beach, where you’ll observe bamboo driftwood washed off on the shores.  Beach shoes are recommended to avoid splinters on your feet.  The beach has Adirondack lounge chairs to relax and take in the views, some picnic tables and gazebos, and a beautiful swing with the Puerto Rican flag to take fun vacation photos.  Children will enjoy visiting, the beach is located next to El Gran Parque del Norte, featuring a fun wooden train ride that goes around the park, other fun rides and activities for children, and a restaurant.  For hours, please visit their Facebook page.

Don’t miss Playa Sardinera, beautiful beach nearby

+ Map of Playa Hatillo / Rio Mar, Hatillo, Puerto Rico

More Photos of Beaches to Go Beachcombing in Puerto Rico

Map - Best Beachcombing Beaches in Puerto Rico

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