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Cueva del Indio & Poza del Obispo Beach Tour

Poza del Obispo is one of the smallest and most unique beaches in Puerto Rico.  We’ve included this beach on our suggested itinerary for exploring the best attractions in the north region of Puerto Rico.  This off-the-beaten-path beach is actually two beaches in one place.  The main draw here is La Poza (the pool).  During the week, you’ll probably be sharing the beach with a few other couples.

Fun Tours to Poza del Obispo & Attractions Nearby

Playa Poza del Obispo is nice and wide, with plenty of space for lounging on the sand even on a busy day.  The sand is soft and golden, but there is little shade, so be sure to bring plenty of sunblock lotion or a beach umbrella.  The waters of Poza del Obispo are crystal clear, you may spot colorful tropical fish swimming around your feet.  When the waters are very calm, you can do a little snorkeling, observe the coral, and encounter sea life.

When the water is calm, Poza del Obispo, feels like a million-dollar infinity pool. Although gorgeous, it can be dangerous, a strong wave can come in and drag you out into the ocean.  The best time to enjoy this beach is from May – late summer when the water is calmest.  During bad weather and winter months, the beach may be unsafe for use, but even more breathtaking to sit down on a lounge chair and admire the ocean waves.

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The Unending Water Crashing Show

Pozo del Obispo -, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

The natural show performed on by the waves is spectacular.  The never-ending melody of the ocean waves, and the mesmerizing sights of the ocean playfully coming towards the rocks, looks as if the ocean, challenges itself to come up higher than the last crash.  Simply Better than Fireworks!

Click on the following gallery to see how the waves move and crash…

This is one of those places, that forces you to put your smartphone down, forget about the daily routine, and surrender your eyes to the majesty of the ocean.  It’s interesting to watch adults, become children again, filled with wonder and excitement for the next wave to come.  While you’re here, enjoy the island life, forget about your cares for a few hours, and enjoy the simple, yet rich things, that Puerto Rico is offering you.

East of Pozo del Obispo Beach is a long beach perfect for taking a relaxing walk.

The beach next door is popular among locals for surfing and boogie boarding.  This beach is not safe for swimming, there are no lifeguards, you swim at your own risk.

More than a beautiful beach, this is an important nesting site, for sea turtles in danger of extinction.  A community group (Amigos de la Poza), made up of volunteers, worked with DRNA for years trying to formally adopt this ecological site.  Their goals are maintaining the beach clean, protecting its natural resources, and alerting officials of turtle nesting sites.

Visitor's Guide to Pozo del Obispo

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

A Little History

This beach is named in honor of Juan Alejo de Arizmendi y de la Torre, the first Puerto Rican Bishop.  In 1785, he was returning to Puerto Rico from a trip to the Dominican Republic.  The boat sank and capsized along this beach.  The town considered his survival a miracle and this beach was named in remembrance of the event.*

Help Protect Playa Poza del Obispo and Turtle Nesting Sites

  • When you visit, please help keep the beach clean by putting trash in receptacles or taking it with you, each visitor can make a difference.
  • Don’t leave any plastic, bottle caps or any objects on the sand.  Anything in the way makes it harder for baby sea turtles to get in the ocean.

Best Time to Visit - Water Conditions

Any time of the year is a good time to visit, beaches in Puerto Rico are great year-round.  The best time to swim and enjoy the “pool” beach, are from April to October when waters are calmer, but during normal weather, it is good to visit any time of the year.  During winter months and when storms are approaching, waves get stronger, and more forceful waters wash into the pool.  If the waves are strong, simply enjoy the beach along the edges where it’s safest, sit down on the sand and enjoy the show, beats sitting on the snow any day.

Crowds at Poza del Obispo - Arecibo

During weekends, summers, and holidays, Poza del Obispo is a popular family beach for locals in Arecibo and nearby towns.  When it’s high season(December – Mid March) on other destinations around Puerto Rico, weekdays on this beach and others along the north, are actually very quiet and relaxed.


Safety at Poza del Obispo - Arecibo

Safety: Please refrain from climbing the coral wall and floor next to the open sea, the rocks are sharp and can be very slippery.  The ocean spray may look beautiful, but a strong wave could potentially hit you, cause a fall in the open ocean, and possibly drowning.  Sadly, some lives have been lost at this beach.  Please supervise your children at all times, and practice safety first.

Getting to Poza del Obispo Beach - Arecibo

The easiest way to find the beach is to look for signs of the Arecibo Lighthouse, make a right before the road ends, which is the entrance to the lighthouse park.  Parking is very convenient, get here early on weekends and holidays to get a good spot, just steps from the beach.

Photo Gallery - La Poza del Obispo Beach

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

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Map - La Poza del Obispo - Beach

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

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