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Get away from it all and immerse yourself in one of the unbeaten paths of Puerto Rico where you’ll encounter few crowds and experience one of the enchanting treasures of Puerto Rico.   In the enchanting karst region bordering the towns of Utuado and Arecibo, you’ll find one of the most fun and thrilling adventures in Puerto Rico in the most spectacular river on the island.  

Please Note:  We don’t recommend you go on your own.  For your safety, book a tour with knowledgeable guides who know the area and will assist you with staying safe during your visit.  This is not a sales pitch, it is for your own safety and for maximum enjoyment.

Puerto Rico River Cave Tubbing - Tanama River - Utuado

A 15-minute hike into the lush forest takes you to the Tanama River, responsible for the carving of beautiful works of art turned into caves, natural arches, and tunnels where the river waters flow freely.

This breathtaking location is full of wonders to admire with a mixture of activities such as river trekking, refreshing under spring waterfalls, swimming in natural pools, body rafting, and cave tubing through tunnels.  Those that are craving more challenging activities can go rappelling and rock climbing.

Your visit to this area will give you several breathtaking sights to explore:

  • Cueva de Arco or natural arch is one of the most beautiful formations in the karst region of Puerto Rico.  To get there, you’ll river trek between the imposing walls of the canyon that lead to Cueva del Arco (Arch’s Cave).  Cueva del Arco has a height of 120 feet and spans 70 feet.  This cave / natural bridge is the largest of six in the karst region.   Cueva del Arco is officially in the town of Utuado.
  • Portillo, an underground river cave, some tunnels are over 1,000 feet in length.
  • There are a number of other caves to explore such as Cueva del Arco Superior located above Cueva del Arco.  Puerto Rico’s natives use to enjoy this cave, so you’ll be walking into an important place of historical value in Puerto Rico.

Location of Tanama River and Cueva del Arco: Utuado, Puerto Rico

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