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Be ready to be wowed as soon as you enter this wondrous natural attraction, tucked into the karst region of the north coast.  Rio Camuy Cave formally named Parque Nacional de las Cavernas del Río Camuy (Cavernas de Camuy) designated the First Natural Delight of Puerto Rico is “one of the world’s largest cave networks”.  This is an excellent day trip that you can do on your own, about a 1 hour and a 20-minute drive from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


January 2024 Update:  Camuy River Cave Park is open.  We have received messages from locals, saying that the cave is closed.  Some locals are confusing a cave and fun park that was called “Las Cuevas de Camuy”; that park was on private property, and has been closed for many years.  Parque Nacional de las Cavernas del Río Camuy (Cavernas de Camuy), is open.

February 2023 Update: We are happy to inform you that the wait is over… The amazing Camuy River Cave Park is re-opening on February 22, 2023, after closing due to Hurricane Fiona.   See reservation details further below.

Rio Camuy This cave is the third largest underground cave system in the world, Rio Camuy runs through it.  The main part of the cavern is massive, with a ceiling over 10 stories high. The caves expand to three towns: Camuy (entrance to the park), Lares, and Hatillo.  Photos can’t capture the beauty of this world-class wonder; Camuy River Cave Park is among the top ten attractions you can’t miss in Puerto Rico.  Parques Nacionales (Puerto Rico National Parks) manages this 300-acre park, offering walking tours in both English & Spanish through this enormous cave.  This day will be part of one of the best day trips you can enjoy during your vacation in Puerto Rico, see our Best Things to Do in the North Region for more interesting activities and places to visit.

Families with Children

Camuy River Cave Park is a very family-friendly attraction, average physical condition is required to explore the cave.  There are cement walkways throughout the tour, making it the most accessible for most travelers.  Children and adults will be amazed by the impressive stalactites, stalagmites, and the impressive sinkhole.  

The Rio Camuy Cavern Experience

Note: This new tour offers a full-day Cave adventure that includes Camuy River Cave.  The tour operator has received 5-star reviews from travelers like you.  If you’re staying in San Juan, we highly recommend it; transportation is included. 

You will be given a set of headphones, available in Spanish and English.

Currently, the trolley is not being used or in working condition.  You’ll have to walk down to the entrance, a ride is offered for individuals with disabilities, seniors, and parents with small children.  As you walk down, the temperature gets cooler as you get near the nest of the mountain covered with a lush canopy that glistens to the rays of the sun. 

There are a few steps before heading through the tunnel that leads to the entrance of the cavern.   The rest of the way you’ll be walking on concrete walkways with side rails.  Please read the suggestions below for tips on recommended attire and care when touring the cavern.

You’ll enter through Cueva Clara, you’ll walk through diverse tunnels, some reach as high as 170 feet and span as wide as 200 feet.  Depending on the time of day, heavenly sun rays come through the window pictured below.  As you go deeper into the cavern you’ll be wowed by the size and magnitude of this place.  Again, photos can’t really capture the splendor of the cavern, you have to be here to experience it.

Natural works of art such as spectacular stalagmites and stalactites were carved and formed by the waters of the Camuy River, which is estimated to be approximately 45 million years old.

At one of the highest points of the cavern, you’ll see the largest stalagmite in Puerto Rico, an impressive sight.

Top Rated Tours to Camuy River Cave Park

As you walk, you’ll see nature at work, water streaming down the walls, forming more spectacular structures right before your eyes.  During your exploration, you’ll feel the heat of hundreds of sleeping bats and hear the sounds of Camuy River running underneath.

One of the best parts of the tour is Sumidero de Empalme (Empalme Sinkhole), a breathtaking magical spot where the sun rays shine through the sinkhole entrance 450 feet above.

This sinkhole feels more like an enchanted room.

Wellsprings gently flow down the walls to create a mesmerizing melody, you can’t help but think that perhaps this is the source of the fountain of youth Ponce de Leon so desperately sought.

The rays of sunshine radiating through the opening above make the waterfalls sparkle, the foliage glisten and the trees are perfectly lit by the true master landscape architect.  There’s so much beauty to take in at the Empalme Sinkhole.

Your tour guide will take you through the last part of the tour, a party for your senses if you’re into caves.  You’ll be able to observe more stalagmites and stalactites and hear some cool sounds.  You’ll walk through a tunnel and then over a concrete walkway suspended over the underground river, where the sounds of the water and bats seem to be right out of a Batman movie scene.  As a matter of fact, the sounds of bats used in a Batman movie were recorded at the Camuy Cave.

Hours, Reservations, & Visiting Tips

Camuy River Cave Park - Camuy, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Cave Tours in Puerto Rico

Park Hours

  • Wednesdays – Sundays    8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Last tour at 3:30 pm)
  • Mondays & Tuesdays – Closed
  • Open some holidays – Call to inquire

Ticket Prices

  • Adults – $18.00
  • Children  – Ages 4-12  – $13.00
  • Seniors – 65 + $9.00  (With ID)
  • Parking Fees –   Cars: $4.00  ⎮ Bus: $5.00 ⎮ Motorcycles: $2.00

Reservations to Camuy River Cave Park

  • Reservations are not required, however, there’s always higher demand both by tourists and locals to visit after re-opening.
  • With a tour guide:  You may book a tour with a guide which includes transportation from tourist areas taking care of all the details.
  • For reservations by email: – Please include the date you wish to visit and the number of people.  You should receive a confirmation e-mail with an assigned time depending on availability.
  • Reservations by phone:  787-898-3100 / 787-999-2200 ext. 3474

Cave Alternative:  If you cannot make a reservation to Cavernas del Rio Camuy, Puerto Rico has more amazing caves to explore.  We recommend you visit the amazing Cueva del Indio in Arecibo,  in addition to the cave, you can sightsee Seven Arches, featured in Hollywood movies, tidal pools, and the gorgeous Pozo del Obispo beach nearby.

Tour Requirements

  • Proper walking nonslip closed-toe shoes
  • A safety helmet is provided and must be worn at all times

Tour Details

  • It is a walking tour, it takes approximately 1.5 hours
  • Tours are in groups of 30 people
  • The tour is not affected by rainy weather
  • The tour is only affected by a hurricane warning
  • Take water to stay hydrated
  • Snacks available at the welcome center
  • You’ll have to walk about .93 miles from the welcome center to the cave.
  • An ATV park vehicle offers a free ride from the welcome center to the entrance of the cavern to the elderly, parents with a child, and individuals with a disability.
  • The cavern is wheelchair and stroller accessible
  • Level of difficulty of the walking tour:  We feel is moderate but the park rates it difficult.
  • Smoking is not allowed.  No food may be consumed inside the cavern.
  • Although the handrails get cleaned, there may be bat soil on the rails.  If you have children please hold their hands to keep them from touching the rails.  If you have a physical challenge that requires you to hold the handrails at all times, we advise bringing disposable gloves, you can easily find these at a pharmacy.
  • Wear non-slip closed-toe shoes. Although you’ll be walking on a concrete walkway through the cavern, it is uneven and wet.
  • Please Note: There are some travel guides published that state you’ll visit the underground river, this is not accurate information. The river is underground and not accessible to the public.  In the town of Utuado, there are some tour companies that will take you to the Tanama River, where you can go rappelling, caving, and tubbing on the underground river.

Medical Warning

  • If you have any medical conditions such as cardiac or asthma or any other, please consult with a park tour guide before the tour.

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Map & Directions - Camuy River Cave Park

Parque Nacional de las Cavernas del Río Camuy - Camuy, Puerto Rico

Address:  Carretera 129 Km. 18.9, Camuy, P.R.

Directions: Drive from San Juan is about 1 hour, 20 minutes.  Camuy River Cave Park is located on Carr. (Carretera) 129 Km. 18.9 from Arecibo to Lares.  To get there from PR22 take Exit (Salida) 77B which connects with Carr. 129 towards Lares.

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