You may not have heard or seen the beaches of Isabela on top beaches lists, but once you get here, you’ll agree they ought to be.  Those that already love the beaches of Isabela, want to keep this destination low-key. Locals and surfers in the know, head to Isabela during the winter months, it rivals the neighboring surf town of Rincon, and locals like to boast is better.

Isabela, Puerto Rico

The beautiful landscape of Isabela makes it the best for horseback riding.  The beaches are wide, undeveloped, and uncrowded.  Isabela has a beach for everyone; some ideal for romantic long walks, to enjoy water sports such as surfing for all levels, scuba diving, bodyboarding, windsurfing, and offshore fishing.  Families with children will love Isabela’s gorgeous natural pools where toddlers can play and novices can swim safely.  If you long for a romantic beach vacation, Isabela is on our list of best places to vacation in Puerto Rico.

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Best Surfing Beaches in Isabela Puerto Rico

Jobos Beach

Jobos Beach - Beaches in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa Jobos a local favorite and one of the most popular surfing beaches on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico. The east end of Jobos is framed by a coral wall, creating a picturesque protected beach cove where you can do a little swimming and snorkeling.  Beyond the wall the Atlantic Ocean surf breaks consistently throughout the year, making Jobos one of the favorite surfing beaches on the island.  Jobos was the location for the 1989 World Surfing Championship.  Whether you want to relax, surf, or watch a good surfing show, Jobos will not disappoint.  

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Middles Beach

Playa Middles - Beaches of Isabela, Puerto Rico

Middles, a great beach in every way…Great for surfing, excellent for long walks on the beach, and a dreamy place to relax and be lulled by the sights and sounds of the ocean waves.  At the east end of Middles, a unique hidden spot awaits that few visitors get to enjoy.  

Best Beach for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling & Windsurfing

Isabela - Northwest Coast of Puerto Rico

Playa Shacks

Playa Shacks - Places to Visit in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa Shacks, loved by snorkelers and scuba divers.  Turquoise tones, clear water with an uncrowded scene.  Just yards from the shore, you can snorkel on crystal clear waters and dive into the “blue hole”.   The beach is narrow, but the sun shines brightly to get the perfect tan.  There’s not much shade, so be sure to bring an umbrella or plenty of suntan lotion.

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Best Beaches for Romantic Walks and Relaxation

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa El Pastillo

Playa El Pastillo - Beaches of Isabela, Puerto Rico

During the summer months, this is a very special beach visitor of Isabela should not miss.  Playa Pastillo is a nature lover’s dream packed with beautiful sand in shades of golden and swirls of black, caves, natural sacred rock carvings, leaning palm trees, coral reefs, and total peace.  Locals are very protective of this beach, everyone that goes seems exceptionally respectful of the environment and a lover of nature, visitors are asked to not leave any trash at the beach and help protect the caves.

Playa Guajataca

Guajataca Beach - Isabela, Puerto Rico

This beach is popular among locals, during summer months teens play on the water with their boogie boards, and families camp at the beach on holiday weekends.  This beach is divided by Rio (River) Guajataca, which divides the towns of Isabela and Quebradillas.  Best access to Playa Guajataca is through the municipality of Quebradillas, the biggest attraction at this beach is the Guajataca Tunnel, a historic railroad tunnel used during the sugar cane era.  During weekdays on winter months, you’ll find Guajataca pretty secluded and quiet. 

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Playa Sardinera

Sardinera Beach - Places to Visit & Things to Do in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa Sardineras begins at Punta Sardina.  Locals also call this beach Villa Pesquera.  The best swimming area is Posita Sardinera at the east end.  Right off the coral wall on the east side, teens like to body board and surf.  Right across the street, you can have a quick empanadilla and drink lunch, making this beach a convenient stop.  On weekends most of the crowds head to Jobos beachPlaya Sardinera remains more mellow.

The Dreamy Natural Pools of Isabela

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Pozo de Teodoro / Teodoro’s Beach

Pozo de Teodoro - Places to Go in Isabela, Puerto Rico

The coolest and prettiest beach in Isabela, a shallow natural pool perfect for families with small children.  During the summer months, the waters are calm like glass, during the winter months when the strong waves come in, the pool becomes playfully wavy.  There are no lifeguards or facilities at Pozo Teodoro, but the scenery makes up for it.

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Playa Montones

Montones Beach - Best Places / Beaches to Visit in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Highlights:  Great for small children, relaxation, photography, snorkeling.

Isabela was blessed with a number of beaches protected by natural rock walls.  Montones beach is the most popular in Isabela.  Montones attracts families with young children for its shallow waters.  Children can play and sit down for hours with their beach buckets in total contentment.  You can actually stay right at Montones and enjoy beachfront access every day of your vacation by staying at one of the best Paradores in Puerto Rico.

Posita Sardinera

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Highlights:  Excellent for small children, photography, relaxation (on a non-summer weekday).

Poza Sardinera is also known as Posita Sardinera is a sublime place.  This small shallow beach is a wading pool with warm crystal clear water.  You can park your lounge chair, let your feet get cooled by the water, and watch the never-ending show of ocean waves crashing in.  Poza Sardinera is a nice spot to watch the sunset and simply relax.  Just across the street, you can enjoy a great lunch for under $5.  Beach access is super convenient with free off-street parking and a few spots right on the sand.

Poza Las Golondrinas

Poza Las Golondrinas - Puerto Rico Most Beautiful Beaches

This beach and natural pool is a hidden gem of Isabela.  It can be accessed by parking off of Route 466 near km marker 10.2 and walking west a hundred yards or so.  It is a perfect spot for families with small children and romantics.  Enjoy breathtaking views (one being Cueva Golondrina, an offshore cave, to the east), wading, swimming, some snorkeling, or just some R & R.  If you’re planning to stay awhile, bring a cooler with drinks and food because there are no facilities nearby.  

Map of Best Beaches in Isabela, Puerto Rico

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