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Playa Guajataca - Puerto Rico

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Playa Guajataca is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.  Its rugged, dramatic personality makes it a wonderful place for beach lovers who enjoy getting lost in the hypnotizing sights and sounds of the roaring Atlantic Ocean waves.

Playa Guajataca is part of the Rio Guajataca Park, which includes a beautiful river, El Tunel de Guajataca, a historic railroad tunnel, and a scenic walking trail along the Atlantic coast.  This beach is a nature lover’s playground.  The river that divides the towns of Isabela and Quebradillas flows into the ocean here.

Guajataca may not be safe for swimming, but the beauty and onsite attractions make up for it.  Playa Guajataca is a wonderful place for those who seek peace, quiet, and relaxation.  Families with children can enjoy a wide-open outdoor playground with plenty of sand to build giant castles.

Just a few steps from the beach, the kids can play at the Guajataca River, popular for the whole family, the water is perfect for the sport of paddleboarding (SUP) and kayaking, see tours available further below.

During the summer months, Rio Guajataca is a popular place among locals for families with small children for its calm waters, especially on Sundays.

At the center of the beach, right off the parking lot, palm trees were recently planted to provide shade.  Spacing among the palm trees was perfectly designed to hang a hammock.  If you’re a traveler, you can buy a hammock at a roadside kiosk before getting her.  Bring your favorite book and enjoy the pleasures of a lazy day on a quiet beach in Puerto Rico.  Even on a busy day, you can easily find a quiet spot.

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The beach is divided by a rocky platform, an amazing spot with rocks and boulders that serve as seats to an unending show of waves crashing, waterfalls, and small tidal pools kids love.

In the photo you can see a familiar scene at Guajataca Beach… a  small group claimed the spot with the best wave show at the natural infinity pool perfectly concealed by the breathtaking dramatic coastal landscape.  We travel around the island, carefully seeking unique gems around Puerto Rico, and this one is certainly magazine-worthy.

Playa Guajataca (Beach) - Puerto Rico

The local in the photograph has been coming here for many years, he only uses it when the ocean is calm.  Even when the ocean is “calm”, as you can see from the photo below, a wave can surprise you and completely cover you.  Although beautiful, this place should be used with extreme care and small children should not be in this pool.

The best time of the year to enjoy this natural beauty is during the summer months when the waters are calmer.  A wave could drag you into the ocean, cause serious injury, and possibly drowning.  We are not encouraging you to get in and play in the pool, but it’s certainly a beautiful spot to stand and admire the scenery.  There are no lifeguards at Guajataca Beach, you use the beach at your own risk.

Guajataca, Puerto Rico

On the west end of Playa Guajataca you’ll find one of the most striking postcard-perfect spots…  and the sounds… soothing to the soul…

During the afternoon, you may find a few locals fishing along the beach.  Cliffs frame the ends of Playa Guajataca, dotted by boulders so naturally beautiful, you’ll want to pause and observe during your walk. The Guajataca Tunnel runs through the west side cliff.

After you’ve enjoyed this beach and the Guajataca River, cross the Guajataca Tunnel and visit the beautiful beach of Playa Pelicano at the end of the trail.

Playa Pelicano - Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

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