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Puerto Rico Places to Go - Vacation Destinations - 2024

One of the most important decisions when planning a great vacation in Puerto Rico is choosing the right vacation spot before selecting the hotel. 

Culebra - An excursion you can't miss!

+ Culebra Tours

Puerto Rico has a place for you from a vibrant city by the sea to luxurious exclusive places, ecotourism vacation spots to cool laid-back towns for beach hopping.  Sit back, relax, and allow us to introduce you to the best places to go in Puerto Rico, the very best vacation spots around the island.  This guide is packed with all the information you need to decide and plan a great vacation; it includes highlights of each place with top attractions, getting around facts, pros and cons of each place, and top-rated accommodations for every budget. 

Vacation Spots by Region

Capital City & North Region

East Coast Region

    West Coast Region

    South Coast Region

      The Islands

      San Juan, Capital City of Puerto Rico

      San Juan is the most popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico, offering visitors impressive landmarks and attractive beaches.  The capital city has three tourist districts, each with its own vibe and unique reasons to stay.  We advise you to review our quick guide to get acquainted with each district's highlights, pros, and cons. 

      + Old San Juan Tourist District

      Accommodations in Old San Juan:  Historic buildings have become charming and elegant small inns and hotels. 

      Top Hotels in Old San Juan: 

      Pros of Staying in Old San Juan:  You'll benefit from walking to all major attractions in  Old San Juan from your hotel.   

      Getting Around:  Old San Juan can be explored on foot.  Plenty of taxis can take you to nearby beaches in San Juan, such as Escambron, where you can swim, snorkel, and scuba dive.  A car is not recommended since parking can be a challenge. 

      + Condado Tourist District

      Accommodations in Condado:  Condado is home to some of the most popular and luxurious beachfront and waterfront resorts in San Juan.  For travelers wishing to spend less on hotels, there are various family-friendly hotels within walking distance of the beach.  See the top-rated hotels in Condado below.

      Top Rated Hotels: 

      Pros of Staying in Condado:  It is a very walkable tourist district, with easy access to restaurants, shops, casinos and beaches such as Escambron Beach, Condado Beach, La Playita del Condado, and the beloved Laguna del Condado (Condado Lagoon)   Old San Juan is a short taxi ride from Condado or you can ride a bike there.

      Getting Around:  Ashford Drive is the main street where most hotels, restaurants, and shops are located; from there you can walk or take a bike ride across the Dos Hermanos Bridge to Escambron Beach and a little farther to Old San Juan.


      + Convention Tourist District

      The Convention Center Tourist District was born in 2005 with the opening of the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the premier place for meetings and conventions on the island.   In August 2021, Distrito T-Mobile was the new addition to the district, offering one-of-a-kind entertainment, a state-of-the-art movie theatre, many dining options, and an urban park featuring a zip line.

      Accommodations:  In the Convention Center District you can choose four hotels, Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino features a fantastic pool with sweeping views of the city, Hyatt House San Juan & Hyatt Place San Juan offer a kid-friendly pool and spacious suites, and ALOFT San Juan is the newest addition with a contemporary design.

      Pros of Staying in Convention District:  The location is perfect for cruisers who need accommodations near the cruise terminals.  Spacious family-friendly suites at Hyatt House San Juan with access to pool at Hyatt Place San Juan.  It has a less busy feel than Condado and Old San Juan.

      Getting Around:  No car rental is necessary, but if you choose to, a few garages are within walking distance to hotels.  The Convention Center District is within walking distance of Condado and a 10-minute drive from Old San Juan.  You can walk to Playita del Condado, La Laguna del Condado, and Escambron BeachOld San Juan is a short 10-minute taxi ride away.


      🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in San Juan

      Best Places to Stay in San Juan - San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris CasinoIn San Juan, you'll find the most accommodation choices, from luxurious to budget and family-friendly hotels and vacation rentals.  See tourist districts further below in this guide for the best hotels within each district.

      Top Excursions from San Juan

      The list of excursions from San Juan is very extensive, just about every major activity can be enjoyed from San Juan with a tour guide that provides transportation from the city.

      The following are the most popular excursions

      Pros & Cons of Staying in San Juan

      Pros of staying in San Juan

      Cons of staying in San Juan

      Getting Around San Juan

      Getting around is easy; you can walk to many places, rent a bike, or hop on a taxi.  A car rental is not recommended due to parking difficulties, especially in Old San Juan.  Check out this guide to see the numerous tours departing from San Juan.

      Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

      Puerto Rico Places to Go - Vacation Destinations - Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico

      It is important to know that Isla Verde is not in San Juan; many hotels add the name "San Juan" to the hotel for marketing purposes.  Isla Verde is the tourist district in the municipality of Carolina, home to the main international airport of Puerto Rico, commonly known as San Juan Airport.   For visitors wanting a central location from which they can explore the highlights of an exciting vacation destination, Isla Verde is pretty hard to match.  Isla Verde offers exciting nightlife, great hotels for every budget, and beautiful lively beach.

      🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Isla Verde

      Royal Sonesta - Best places to stay in Isla Verde, Puerto RicoAlong Avenida Isla Verde, you can choose from a few beachfront resorts, family-friendly hotels, and boutique small inns.  Within walking distance, you can visit casinos, elegant lounges, and nightclubs where you'll get a chance to practice your salsa moves.

      Main Attractions & Things to Do

      The beaches of Isla Verde are the main attraction.  Within walking distance of the hotels, there are various restaurants and casinos.  The colorful historic district of Old San Juan is a quick 15-minute taxi ride, El Yunque is 30 minutes away.  Most excursions to top attractions offer transportation from Isla Verde, so a car rental is not necessary to enjoy the best sights of the north and east regions.

      See full guide of best things to do in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

      Pros & Cons of Staying in Isla Verde


      • Isla Verde is the closest tourist district to the airport, and hotels are less expensive than those in the district of Condado in San Juan. The best excursions to top attractions offer transportation from Isla Verde, so no car rental is necessary if you're okay with booking tours.


      • You'll need a car rental to get around or a taxi ride everywhere.  Besides the beach and some restaurants on the main avenue, there's not much else to do right in Isla Verde.

        Travel to Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

        The short distance and convenient access to the airport is one of the top reasons to vacation in Isla Verde.  For those planning a weekend escape, time is really valuable, after arriving to Luis Munoz Rivera Airport (best known as the San Juan International), within minutes you could be sipping on a sumptuous Piña Colada at your hotel overlooking the turquoise colors of Isla Verde Beach.

        Getting Around isla Verde

        Isla Verde is an easy vacation destination from the moment you arrive at SJU Airport; in just a 10 minute taxi ride, you’ll find yourself checking into your hotel or beachfront resort.  Most of the hotels, beaches, best restaurants, lounges, casinos, and entertainment are located along Isla Verde Avenue; everything is within walking distance if you don’t mind taking a little stroll.

        Is a car rental necessary in Isla Verde?

        You may want to use taxis for part of your trip and rent a car for a few days, see below.

        • A car rental is not necessary to get around the main tourist area of Isla Verde; you can get to the beaches on foot or by taking a short taxi ride.  You'll need to get a taxi or Uber to see the top attractions of San Juan and nearby, or you can book tours that offer pick-up from Isla Verde.
        • A car rental is recommended for a few days of your vacation to go beach hopping and if you wish to explore sights on your own to save some money.

        If renting a car, consider parking fees in the city; it may be worth taking a taxi or booking a tour, depending on your budget.   There are parking garages in Isla Verde.

        Taxis in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

        Isla Verde is a tourist-friendly destination.  Guests staying at hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals in tourist areas will enjoy easy access to taxis.  Taxis drive along Isla Verde Avenue, near the beach, restaurant areas, and hotel entrances.  Feel free to ask your hotel receptionist for assistance with a taxi.  Taxi rates are regulated and reasonable.

        Bicycling in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

        Isla Verde is a bike-friendly place.  Along Isla Verde Avenue there are designated bike lanes, and locals are pretty good about sharing the road.  From Isla Verde, you can ride east to the Piñones area, and west all the way to Old San Juan.

        Public Transportation in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

        Bus routes run through Isla Verde to and from the airport and San Juan.  Riding the bus may not be the most convenient method to get around, but it is by far the cheapest.  It just may be a viable option for travelers wanting to minimize costs.

        Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

        Puerto Rico Places to Go - Rio Grande

        Rio Grande is among the best places to stay in Puerto Rico, where you relax, rejuvenate, and play among some of the best beachfront, golf, and family-friendly resorts on the island.  Rio Grande is just 30 minutes from the San Juan Airport.  Rio Grande is home to El Yunque National Rainforest, if you wish to explore El Yunque on your own and explore the trails at your own pace, Rio Grande is the best town to stay on the east. 

        🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Rio Grande

        Main Attractions in Rio Grande & Nearby

        Top Excursions from Rio Grande

        Top rated tours to Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay and Icacos Cay offer pick-up at hotels in Rio Grande.

        Pros & Cons of Staying in Rio Grande

        Pros:  The Luis Muñoz Marin (SJU) airport is just 30 minutes from Rio Grande.  There are excellent resort options in Rio Grande.  You’ll have easy access to El Yunque to explore fully at your own pace. 

          Cons of staying in Rio Grande:  We can’t think of any.

          Getting Around Rio Grande

          We recommend you rent a car for a at least a few days to explore the top beaches and some of the best attractions on the East Coast.  As previously noted, various tours offer pick-up from hotels in Rio Grande.

          Rincon, Puerto Rico

          Go to Rincon if you want to experience a laid-back and authentic beach town that’s also tourist-friendly.  Rincon is a central town to explore the best of the west coast, offering the best beaches on the main island and many fun activities for the whole family.

          🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Rincon

          Rincon is the most tourist-friendly town on the West Coast; travelers have a variety of options, including many small inns and vacation rentals.

          Top Rated Small Inns

          Top Rated Vacation Rentals in Rincon

          Top Tours in Rincon

          Map & Deals of Hotels and Rentals in Rincon

          Pros & Cons of Staying in Rincon


          Rincon is near Aguadilla Airport.  The town center town of Rincon is lively with shops and cafes, and the square has cultural events on Thursdays and Sundays.  Most employees at local restaurants are bilingual.


            Beaches are not the best for swimming, but there are a few with calmer waters, especially during summer.  You can drive north to Crash Boat Beach and south to the beaches of Cabo Rojo.

            Getting Around Rincon

            A car is necessary to get around Rincon and nearby towns.  Taxis and Ubers is not a good way to get around.

            Fajardo, Puerto Rico

            Home to Laguna Grande and gateway to the islands of Puerto Rico

            Fajardo is a municipality on the east coast of Puerto Rico just 45 minutes from the capital city of San Juan and the main airport.  Fajardo can be a home base for those wishing to go island hopping to the cays and offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra.  You can find many affordable vacation rentals in Fajardo and spend the rest of your vacation budget on great tours.  Fajardo is home to Laguna Grande, a bioluminescent lagoon, the second brightest in Puerto Rico.

            🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Fajardo

            Fajardo offers one of the island's most iconic and beloved resorts, El Conquistador.  Nestled on a cliff overlooking the Cordillera Reserve Keys, guests have exclusive access to Palomino Island and a fun waterpark for the kids and the young at heart.  There are also plenty of vacation rentals to choose from.

            Main Attractions in Fajardo & Nearby

            Fajardo is the home to the Laguna Grande, the bioluminescent lagoon, one of the top five natural wonders of Puerto Rico.  Icacos Cay, one of the most highly rated excursions in Puerto Rico, is about 15 minutes off the coast of Fajardo.  In Fajardo, you can take the whole family to Sevens Seas, a beach safe for swimming where you can do some snorkeling; from this beach, you can take a short hike to more secluded beaches inside the nature reserve. 

            Top Excursions from Fajardo

            Staying in Fajardo gives you the best choices for excursions to snorkeling excursions, island-hopping sailing charters, catamaran and boat charters to Icacos Cay, Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Vieques, and Cayo Piñeros.  Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay is in Fajardo; you can take a short taxi to Las Croabas for a boat or kayaking tour.

            Pros & Cons of Staying in Fajardo

            Pros:  Staying in Fajardo gives visitors who love excursions the best options for the best offshore excursions in Puerto Rico.  Fajardo is home to Laguna Grande, and some of the best hiking beaches on the East Coast.  

              Cons:  Farther from San Juan, you'll need a car rental to visit the best attractions in the city.  Distance from San Juan is about an hour drive. 

              Getting Around Fajardo

              We recommend you rent a car for a at least a few days to explore the top beaches and some of the best attractions on the East Coast.  Some of the top excursions depart from marinas in Fajardo, so driving will be minimal to some activities. 

              Culebra, Puerto Rico

              You may not have heard of Culebra, but most likely you’ve heard the name Flamenco, one of the most gorgeous beaches on the planet.  Snorkeling in Culebra is excellent with colorful healthy coral reefs, there are various hiking trails and secluded offshore islands for an even more natural Caribbean experience.  You can stay at small inns, guest houses, villas, and apartment rentals.

              🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Culebra

              Club Seabourne - Best places to stay in Culebra, Puerto RicoThere's only one hotel in Culebra, a few small inns and various vacation rentals.

              Hotel in Culebra

              Rentals and Small Inns

              Main Attractions & Things to Do in Culebra

              See guide to best things to do in Culebra

              Pros & Cons of Staying in Culebra


              Idyllic beaches without crowds, and excellent snorkeling.


                If you have a medical condition that may require medical assistance while on vacation, be advised that there is no good medical care on the islands of Vieques and Culebra, that's the sad truth that residents face every day.  Most emergencies and surgeries will require an air taxi to the main island of Puerto Rico. 

                Travel to Culebra

                Getting to Vieques and Culebra is easy; you may take a short flight from Isla Grande, a regional airport in San Juan.  You may also drive to the Ceiba Airport for a shorter and less expensive flight to the islands.  If you're on a budget, your traveling with a big family or group, you may take the ferry from Ceiba, a very inexpensive option.

                Getting Around Culebra

                  If you're staying in Culebra for one of two days, you can get around by renting a golf cart to visit the best beaches.  If you're staying longer, we recommend you rent a jeep to explore the rest of the coastline with more rugged roads.

                  Vieques, Puerto Rico

                  Vieques Puerto Rico - Best Places to Go / Vacation Destinations in Puerto Rico

                  By now, you've probably heard about Vieques, constantly included in the "best island destinations in the Caribbean," home to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.  Beach lovers can beach hop all week long exploring quiet picture-perfect coves with excellent snorkeling spots right off the beach.

                  There are no resorts on the island, but Vieques boasts some of the best small inns and most stunning vacation rentals in Puerto Rico.  See top-rated accommodations below.

                  🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Vieques

                  Vieques offers a unique offering of small boutique hotels and various vacation rentals.

                  El Blok Hotel - Best places to stay in Vieques, Puerto RicoTop-Rated Small Inns in Esperanza, Vieques

                  Esperanza is a great location for a short stay.  The following are within walking distance to restaurants, Sun Bay Beach, Esperanza Beach, and the meeting place for bioluminescent bay tours.

                  More Top-Rated Small Hotels in Vieques

                  • Blue Horizon Boutique Resort is a romantic waterfront hotel in an intimate setting with spectacular sunsets to enjoy from the waterfront bar and pool.  During low tide, you can walk all the way to Black Sand Beach.
                  • Old Crown Hotel & Suites is a quiet retreat on the hillside with spectacular views.
                  • Lejos Eco Retreat is another hillside, quiet retreat.

                  For a luxurious private retreat, check out Encantada

                        Top Tours in Vieques

                        Pros & Cons of Staying in Vieques


                        Tranquil coastline to explore without crowds.


                          If you have a medical condition that may require medical assistance while on vacation, be advised that there is no good medical care on the island; most emergencies and surgeries will require an air taxi to the main island of Puerto Rico.

                          Getting Around Vieques

                          A car rental is recommended to stay in Vieques, the greatest joy on the island is driving around beach hopping and exploring.  Vieques is a small island, so forget about planning and having an itinerary... just enjoy the journey, you'll love it.

                          Medical Care in Vieques

                          If you have a medical condition that may require medical assistance while on vacation, be advised that there is no good medical care on the islands of Vieques and Culebra, that's the sad truth that residents face every day.  Most emergencies and surgeries will require an air taxi to the main island of Puerto Rico.

                          Dorado, Puerto Rico

                          Puerto Rico Best Places to Go - Vacation Destinations - Dorado

                          Dorado translates to "Golden" in Spanish; this municipality certainly shines.  The most demanding travelers seeking luxurious accommodations in an exclusive setting choose Dorado Puerto Rico, home to Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve.  Dorado boasts four Robert Trent Jones golf courses, and a beautiful golden coastline.   For decades Dorado has been a preferred vacation destination for wealthy travelers and world leaders seeking a tropical escape without tourist crowds.

                          Travelers seeking a tropical escape with the ultimate luxury and privacy ought to consider the town of Dorado, about 40 minutes from the capital city of San Juan.

                          🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Dorado

                          Dorado Beach, A Ritz Carlton Reserve - Best places to stay in Dorado, Puerto Rico

                          Main Attractions in Dorado & Nearby

                          Top Things to Do Near Dorado

                          Things to Do in Dorado

                          We invite you to visit the charming plaza (square) of Dorado, the last remaining plaza with a traditional Spanish design; you may also visit the small but interesting museums within walking distance of the square.

                          Top Excursions from Dorado

                          We are updating this part with tours that offer pick up in Dorado.  For now you can search on Viator, you can reserve and pay later and cancel within 24 hours. 

                          Pros & Cons of Staying in Dorado


                          The Luis Muñoz Marin (SJU) airport is 30-45 minutes from the resort area in Dorado.  You can get a taxi to the Cataño ferry terminal going to Old San Juan to enjoy all the historic district has to offer.


                           You'll need a car rental to explore the beaches of the north coast and top attractions, however, there are plenty of tours that provide transportation to and from major attractions.

                          Getting Around Dorado

                          You'll need a car rental for a few days to explore interesting places around Puerto Rico at your own pace.  You may wish to book a tour that handles all the logistics.

                          Luquillo, Puerto Rico

                          🏨 Best Hotels in Luquillo

                          The only hotel in Luquillo is Fairfield by Marriott Luquillo Beach.   There are also many vacation rental options.

                          Main Attractions in Luquillo & Nearby

                          In Luquillo 

                          • El Yunque National Rainforest is also part of Luquillo; visitors have very convenient access for those who want to truly explore and enjoy the forest without having to book a tour.
                          • Luquillo Beach - the best and most family-friendly beach on the east coast of the main island.


                          • Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay is about 20 minute from Las Croabas in Fajardo where tours depart.
                          • Excursions to Icacos Cay, Culebra's Flamenco Beach, and Vieques depart from Fajardo, about 20 minutes drive to the meeting point.
                          • The ferry in Ceiba is about 20 minutes from Luquillo.  Ferry offers trips to Vieques and Culebra for those that wish to take a day trip to the islands on their own.

                          Top Excursions from Luquillo

                          Pros & Cons of Staying in Luquillo

                          Pros: Staying in Luquillo gives visitors great access to explore the El Yunque National Rainforest, so renting a car really pays off.  Luquillo offers the most family-friendly beach in the east, with calm waters safe for swimming, food kiosks, and some facilities.  If you wish to surf or learn how, Luquillo has a couple of good surfing beaches.  There are many local eateries and restaurants near the top attractions and beaches.

                            Cons:  A car rental is necessary to enjoy the East Coast.

                            Getting Around Luquillo

                            We recommend you rent a car for a at least a few days to explore the top beaches and some of the best attractions on the East Coast.  Some of the top excursions depart from Luquillo.

                            Isabela, Puerto Rico

                            Isabela - Puerto Rico Destinations - Places to Go

                            Isabela is still considered one of the unbeaten paths of Puerto Rico; unlike other destinations around the island, you’ll find Isabela to be relaxed with an authentic island vibe.  Isabela, a city kissed by the sun, caressed by the warm Atlantic waters, naturally landscaped by lush green and a kaleidoscope of wild tropical flowers on the hilly side.  Visitors can explore over 3 miles of coastline and tranquil forest trails in the lush mountains.  In Isabela, the Atlantic waves crash against rocks, reefs, and cliffs to create melodies that speak to visitors’ souls…a great place to unwind, and reconnect with loved ones.  The town of Isabela is warm, friendly, colorful, and tranquil.  Visitors will feel right at home because of the warm hospitality of the locals.  Isabela invites you to explore its beaches, taste great local food, connect with the natural beauty, and experience the island life.

                            🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Isabela

                            Royal Isabela - Best places to stay in Puerto RicoTop Rated Places to Stay In Isabela

                            • Royal Isabela - The only golf resort on the West Coast nestled atop a scenic cliff-top overlooking the ocean.  Royal Isabela has a romantic setting for couples with stunning sunsets, fine dining, private suites with their pool, and live entertainment on weekends.
                            • Villa Montaña - An intimate beachfront resort facing Shacks Beach.

                            Main Attractions & Things to Do in Isabela

                            Pros & Cons of Staying in Isabela


                            Just 10 minutes from the Aguadilla Airport. Uncrowded beaches, traditional food at non-touristy prices, budget-friendly vacation rentals.


                              Traffic can be heavy on the main road during work traffic.  

                              Getting Around Isabela

                              A car rental is the best option for exploring and seeing all of the attractions in Isabela and nearby.  Both airports mentioned above have many car rental companies and options.

                              Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

                              Cabo Rojo - Puerto Rico Best Places to Go / Vacation Destinations

                              Cabo Rojo offers the calmest beaches, perfect for families with children, and good for swimming all year round.  Cabo Rojo offers enough beaches and attractions to keep you happy for a week, so if you don’t want to do much driving, Cabo Rojo should be at the top of your list.  Cabo Rojo offers a handful of hiking trails the whole family can enjoy.  Cabo Rojo is a great home base for visiting the bioluminescent bay of La Parguera and many exciting places in the western region.  Cabo Rojo is the easiest town to visit from San Juan on the west coast; the highway is direct and scenic.

                              🏨 Best Hotels in Cabo Rojo

                              4 Casitas - Best places to stay in Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoSmall Inns, and budget-friendly vacation rentals welcome locals from around the island and travelers.  In Cabo Rojo, you’ll find the only glamping accommodations, located in a great spot for star gazing.

                              Main Attractions & Things to Do in Cabo Rojo

                              A scenic drive through the country road leads to Lajas bioluminescent bay, the historic district of San German, Guanica, and just 15 minutes away, the city of Mayaguez.

                              Pros & Cons of Staying in Cabo Rojo


                              Tranquil, uncrowded beaches. Budget-friendly accommodations, and many restaurants and various bakeries at lower prices than touristy places.


                                It’s not a touristy place, but that’s one of the reasons travelers love Cabo Rojo.  If you’re into big breakfasts, there aren’t many local restaurants that serve it.  We recommend you get an egg, ham, and cheese sandwich at a local bakery made with fresh, delicious bread for less than a fast food chain.

                                Getting Around Cabo Rojo

                                You’ll need a car rental to get around.

                                Ponce, Puerto Rico

                                Ponce Puerto Rico - Best Places to Stay Guide

                                Ponce, the second oldest city in Puerto Rico, is situated along the southern coast, gently sloping towards the Caribbean Sea and the hills of the central mountains.  Founded in 1692 by Ponce de Leon’s great-grandson, it is aptly known as 'La Perla del Sur' (The Pearl of the South), boasting one of the most elegant squares and buildings on the island.  In Ponce, visitors can immerse themselves in days filled with diverse activities – strolling through the historic city center, exploring coffee plantations, stepping back in time to where Taino Natives once danced, and visiting one of the finest art museums in the Caribbean.  

                                🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Ponce

                                Ponce offers one waterfront and golf resort, and a couple of hotels, and small inns.

                                Top Tours & Excursions from Ponce

                                Main Attractions in Ponce

                                Pros & Cons of Staying in Ponce


                                • The Luis Muñoz Marin (SJU) airport is only 90 minutes from Ponce, and the drive is easy and direct.
                                • With a car rental, you'll have easy highway access to San Juan, the central mountains, the offshore cays of La Parguera and bioluminescent bay, the Guanica Dry State Forest, the historic district of Ponce, charming quiet towns nearby, and the great beaches of the southwest.

                                Cons of staying on the south coast

                                If you're ok driving, there are no cons to staying on the South Coast.  There are no beaches in Ponce; you'll have to drive to Guanica, Lajas, and Cabo Rojo for the best beaches on the south coast.  From Ponce it is all highway driving to the best beaches, so you won't waste much time,

                                Getting Around Ponce

                                A car rental is really necessary to enjoy a great vacation on the south coast of Puerto Rico.  As we previously noted, Ponce is the best town to stay due to the hotel options and excellent central location.  You can be in San Juan in 1 hour, take a drive along the scenic southeast coast, enjoy swimming and snorkeling at the amazing beaches of the southwest, and head into the central mountains for the scenery and top attractions.

                                Guanica, Puerto Rico

                                Guanica…A charming seaside town with quiet beaches, world-class scuba diving, and home to United Nations World Biosphere Reserve

                                Puerto Rico is one amazing place in the Caribbean.  For first-time visitors, it’s really surprising how a small island can have such diversity, the municipality of Guanica is one of those unique places.  You don’t hear much about Guanica on popular travel magazines or television channels, those that love the pleasures that Guanica offers, want to keep it that way.

                                This charming town is quiet and relaxed, travelers that enjoy exploring the unbeaten paths will enjoy Guanica, contrasting with tourist districts in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico.  The main allure for visitors to Guanica is the rich natural treasures the entire family will enjoy exploring in complete serenity.  Couples seeking relaxation and safe seclusion will reconnect in Guanica’s hiking trails, free of crowds, leading to breathtaking scenic spots.

                                🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Guanica

                                Resorts / Hotels

                                Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa - Guanica - Best hotels in Puerto RicoGuanica offers one nice resort, Copamarina Beach Resort, attracting families and honeymooners seeking an off-beaten path feel with intimate accommodations and quiet surroundings.  Scuba divers also choose to stay at Copamarina to enjoy the best dive sites on the island.  The hotel offers two excellent dining options: one outdoor restaurant overlooking the water with great sunsets and a delightful menu.  The hotel also has a fine dining restaurant open for dinner.  This hotel is a great event option for weddings and special events with manicured beachside grounds. 

                                Vacation Rentals

                                The following has good ratings, and it is located right near Playa Santa, a nice beach good for swimming, with water rentals, food, and easy free parking.

                                Top Excursions from Guanica

                                Embark on a scuba diving adventure to explore "The Wall," offering some of the pristine reefs in the Caribbean.  Take a boat ride to Gilligan's Island, and don't miss to experience the magic of bioluminescence in Lajas. 

                                Main Attractions in Guanica & Nearby

                                Things to do in Guanica 

                                Near Guanica

                                  Pros & Cons of Staying in Guanica


                                  Quiet and uncrowded beaches, tranquil hiking paths, and very little rain, even during the rainy season.


                                  Besides exploring the beaches and dry forest, you'll have to drive to the nearby towns for the best restaurants and entertainment.  Guanica is not a "manicured" tourist town, but it is safe.  There is no nightlife besides the local bars with karaoke nights, Guanica is a destination for nature lovers who seek an unbeaten path to vacation.  With so much to do nearby, we don't think you'll find it a negative.

                                  Getting Around Guanica

                                  A car rental is necessary to explore Guanica and nearby attractions. 

                                  Quick Facts

                                  Guanica’s Slogan:  Paraiso Del Eterno Verano (The Paradise of Eternal Summer)

                                  • Location: Guanica is on the southwest of the island east of Lajas.
                                  • Land Area: About 53 square miles.
                                  • Hymn:  América es jardín del mundo
                                  • Locals are known as: Guaniqueños
                                  • Tourism Information Office Tel: 787-821-4343, 787-821-0092.  Address: July 25 th St. right in front of the plaza

                                  Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

                                  The city of Mayaguez is the capital of the west coast.  If you're looking for a central place to stay, Mayaguez offers various hotels and small inns near many restaurants and shops.  The historic district boasts one of the most active and elegant squares in Puerto Rico with cultural events throughout the year.  If you're visiting Puerto Rico during Christmas, you don't want to miss visiting Mayaguez for the most impressive lights, decorations, and festivities on the island.

                                  🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Mayaguez

                                  Tryp by Wyndham - Mayaguez - Best hotels to stay in Puerto RicoMayaguez attracts business travelers, and you'll find recognized American hotel chains at more affordable rates since the nearest beach is a 30-minute drive to Boqueron Beach.

                                  Top Rated Hotels 

                                  Top Rated Small Inns

                                  Top Tours in Mayaguez

                                  The local tourism office near the square offers free walking tours of the historic district. Visit the office for more information.

                                  See all tours on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

                                  Main Attractions & Things to Do in Mayaguez

                                  Mayaguez is really a home base to explore the west coast with a car rental.  The only attraction is the elegant historic square with shops, cafes and cultural events held throughout the year.  There are many restaurants in town, and one of the best bakeries in Puerto Rico for daily treats, fresh bread, and great sandwiches.

                                  A short drive from the center of town you can enjoy the beaches and attractions of Rincon, Cabo Rojo, Gozalandia waterfalls, and historical landmarks of San German.  Don't miss the bioluminescent bay in Lajas, about a 45-minute drive from Mayaguez.

                                  Pros & Cons of Staying in Mayaguez


                                  Central location to explore nearby towns of Cabo Rojo and Rincon, Lajas.


                                  Heavy traffic during commute time adds 15 -20 minutes in traffic.

                                  Getting Around Mayaguez

                                  You will need a car rental to get around.  The use of taxis will get expensive and not feasible for an enjoyable stay.

                                  Manati, Puerto Rico

                                  Puerto Rico Vacation Destinations - Manati

                                  Manati is not touristy; if you are the type of traveler who needs a clean, comfortable hotel, and you wish to rent a car to explore the island on your own, Manati is a great choice in the north coast.  Manati is home to the beautiful Playa Mar Chiquita, and a good starting point to explore the best attractions and beaches on the north coast region.   Be sure not to miss the amazing caves of Puerto Rico along the north and central karst region.  You can dine at local restaurants and bakeries, and there are plenty of American chain restaurants you will recognize.

                                  🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Manati

                                  Main Attractions in Manati

                                  Manati is home to beautiful beaches, the best are the following:

                                  Pros & Cons of Staying in Manati


                                  Manati has a central location on the island's north coast, offering travelers easy access to many beaches and attractionsHyatt Place Manati offers more affordable rates in comparison to the city.


                                  Besides the beaches in Manati, there is not much to do, but with a car rental, you'll have endless sights to see and explore.

                                  Getting Around Manati

                                  You'll need a car rental to get around, taxis can get quite expensive, and they're not suitable for stays in Manati.

                                  Humacao, Puerto Rico

                                  🏨 Best Hotels in Humacao

                                  This town lures travelers who choose to stay at Palmas del Mar, a beautiful gated community where you can rent condos and villas.  There's also Wyndham Palmas Beach & Golf Resort.

                                  Main Attractions in Humacao & Nearby

                                  Most attractions are about 45 minutes away, and a car rental is a must to enjoy activities and attractions, which are mostly in the northeast.  The beaches near Humacao are not the best for visitors who wish to experience the best beaches that Puerto Rico has to offer.

                                  Pros & Cons of Staying in Humacao

                                  Pros:  Nice accommodations at Palmas del Mar.

                                    Cons:  A car rental is a must to explore the best of the east coast.  San Juan is 1-hour drive from Humacao.

                                    Getting Around Humacao

                                    Again, a car rental is a must if you wish to enjoy the top attractions and activities nearby.

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