The West Coast of Puerto Rico mainly attracts explorers who love to rent a car and drive to places to explore independently.  Local companies have come up with great excursions to enhance your stay on the west such as snorkeling, horseback riding, and the bioluminescent bay in Lajas, see below for easy guide to find the best tours.

How to Use This Guide

  • The guide lists tours to top attractions on the West Coast.
  • We also list tours to top attractions and activities in other regions IF the tour provides transportation from the West Coast.   If you can’t find a specific place, please take a look at the region you wish to visit for tours available (South, West, East)

Easy Reservation Policies

Most tours offer Reserve and Pay Later Options.  Cancellations are easy, just be sure to cancel within 24 hours.

Recommended Tours - West Coast of Puerto Rico

Featured West Coast Tours

Bioluminescent Bay Tours - West Coast

Local Bioluminescent Bay Tours - From Lajas

From San Juan - Lajas Bioluminescent Bay Tours

Day Trips to the West Coast from San Juan

If you want to see some highlights of the west coast but you’re staying in San Juan or Isla Verde, the following tours offer some great itineraries.  Choose from small group tours and private excursions for your group only.

Top Rated West Coast Excursions from San Juan

More Day Trips to the West Coast

Buye Beach Tours

Buye is one of the prettiest beaches on the west coast, boasting turquoise clear and calm water perfect for swimming.  Buye is a beloved local beach, relaxed during the week and lively during the weekends.  The following tours include Buye in the itinerary; excursions are from San Juan. 

Tours that Go to Buye Beach

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse - Los Morrillos

Day Trip that includes visit to Los Morrillos Lighthouse

Caracoles Cay - La Parguera

Local Tours to Caracoles Cay

From San Juan - Caracoles Cay

Cooking Classes on the West Coast of Puerto Rico

Cooking Class in San German

Crash Boat Beach Tours

Snorkeling Tours - Crash Boat Beach

Crash Boat Beach - From San Juan

Gozalandia Waterfall Tours from San Juan

The following tours offer transportation from San Juan and Isla Verde area to Gozalandia, with some added interesting places for a fun-filled day.  Choose from small groups to private tours.  

Gozalandia Tours from San Juan

Gilligan's Island

Tours to Gilligan's Island

Horseback Riding - West Coast

Horseback Riding Tours - West Coast of Puerto Rico

Scuba Diving - West Coast

Featured Scuba Diving Tours - West Coast

Guanica Scuba Diving Charters

Rincon Scuba Diving Charters

Snorkeling Tours - West Coast

Featured Snorkeling Tours - West Coast

+ Aguadilla Snorkeling Tours

+ Gilligan's Island, Guanica - Snorkeling Tours

+ Caracoles Cay Snorkeling

+ Rincon Snorkeling Tours

Aguadilla Tours

Local Tours in Aguadilla

Aguadilla Day Trips from San Juan

Cabo Rojo

Local Tours in Cabo Rojo

From San Juan - Cabo Rojo Day Trips

Guanica Tours

Guanica Tours & Charters

Lajas Tours

Local Tours

Bioluminescent Bay Tours - Local

Caracoles Cay Tours

Snorkeling Tours in Lajas

From San Juan

Bioluminescent Bay Tours from San Juan

Caracoles Cay & Bioluminescent Bay from San Juan

Caracoles Cay From San Juan

Rincon Tours

Featured Tours

Snorkeling Tours in Rincon Puerto Rico

Surfing Lessons in Rincon

Scuba Diving in Rincon

More Tours in Rincon

All West Coast Tours from San Juan

+ Top Rated Tours from San Juan

+ More West Coast Sightseeing Day Trips from San Juan

+ Aguadilla - Excursions and Private Tours that include Aguadilla

+ Bioluminescent Bay Tours from San Juan

+ Beach Sightseeing Tours to the West Coast

+ Cabo Rojo Tours from San Juan

+ Cabo Rojo Lighthouse from San Juan

+ Caracoles Cay Snorkeling - From San Juan

+ Caracoles Cay from San Juan

+ Caracoles & Bioluminescent Bay from San Juan