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Mar Chiquita Beach - Manati, Puerto Rico

Along the north coast of Puerto Rico, in the town of Manati, there are various natural pool beaches, Mar Chiquita is among the most popular, just 45 minutes west from the capital city of San Juan.

Mar Chiquita Beach - Manati, Puerto Rico

Along the cliffs, an opening allows the waters of the Atlantic to rush in creating a refreshing natural pool.

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The Mar Chiquita Legend

A legend explains how the beach was formed: A beautiful Puerto Rican woman used to walk along near the edge of the cliff.  One day as she was walking, an earthquake caused her to slip and fall into the ocean.  Miraculously, part of the cliff breaks, and the current that began to flow between the rocks pulled her back to the shore, saving her life.  Mar Chiquita was formed and remains today for everyone to enjoy.

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The Water at Mar Chiquita Beach – Manati, Puerto Rico

The water on this natural pool is crystal clear, constantly refreshed with every wave that pushes from the ocean through the channel.  The mesmerizing shades of emerald green and turquoise blue invite visitors to jump in.  Depth and clarity of the water change with the weather conditions and seasons.  Photos on this page were taken during a summer month when the water is calmer, safer for swimming and snorkeling.  During the winter months, more water comes in making the pool deeper.  Please read about safety below.

Food & Local Crafts at Mar Chiquita

There are a few food trucks serving food and drinks throughout the week, during busier summer weeks, weekends, and holidays you may find more food trucks.

Food truck at Mar Chiquita Beach - Manati, Puerto Rico

Local artists also go to Mar Chiquita to sell their colorful creations and jewelry.  Vendors may also have snorkeling equipment, beachwear, and toys for sale.

Arts and Crafts Vendors at Mar Chiquita Beach - Manati, Puerto Rico

Crowds at Mar Chiquita

Mar Chiquita is perfect to bring a lounge chair, a picnic basket and enjoy the simplicity of a quiet beach.  The weekends are busier with residents and nearby locals visiting.

Summer months: Playa Mar Chiquita is a popular beach among locals during summer when the kids are off school.  Adventurous travelers searching for unbeaten paths and a local vibe find their way here.

Winter Months: There are fewer crowds during the winter months on weekdays, but the water is also rougher and less clear depending on conditions.  You’ll be sharing the beach with fewer crowds, a nice beach for couples desiring a quiet beach.

Need to Know Facts & Safety when Visiting Mar Chiquita

The personality of Mar Chiquita changes throughout the year.  During the summer, the water calmly comes in through the channel, the pool remains clear with relaxed gentle waves.  During the winter months, this perfectly shaped little beach is completely changed when storms move across the north.  Waves crash against the rock wall going up as high as 25 feet, rushing down like fierce waterfalls.  The water rushes in through the channel with fury, giving beachgoers a great wave show but warning them to stay away from the water.  It is really important not to climb the cliffs, waves can potentially cause a fall, injuries, and fatal accidents.

SAFETY WARNING: When the surf is strong, currents could potentially pull a swimmer out into the open ocean water.  The best spots for bathing during winter are along the edges, but only during normal weather.  There are no lifeguards on site, so please be careful, you swim at your own risk.

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Manati, Puerto Rico

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Map - Playa Mar Chiquita

Manati, Puerto Rico

If you’re vacationing in the San Juan area, Mar Chiquita makes a nice day trip, you’ll have plenty of time to make a few other stops on nearby points of interest along the north.  If you like this beach, you may also enjoy Poza de Obispo in Arecibo, about a 40-minute drive west of Manati.

You’ll find Mar Chiquita at the end of Carr. 648, off of Carr. 685 in the town of Manati.

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