Puerto Rico Vacation Destinations - Manati

Manati is not touristy; if you are the type of traveler who needs a clean, comfortable hotel, and you wish to rent a car to explore the island on your own, Manati is a great choice in the north coast.  Manati is home to the beautiful Playa Mar Chiquita, and a good starting point to explore the best attractions and beaches on the north coast region.   Be sure not to miss the amazing caves of Puerto Rico along the north and central karst region.  You can dine at local restaurants and bakeries, and there are plenty of American chain restaurants you will recognize.

🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Manati

Main Attractions in Manati

Manati is home to beautiful beaches, the best are the following:

Pros & Cons of Staying in Manati


Manati has a central location on the island’s north coast, offering travelers easy access to many beaches and attractionsHyatt Place Manati offers more affordable rates in comparison to the city.


Besides the beaches in Manati, there is not much to do, but with a car rental, you’ll have endless sights to see and explore.

Getting Around Manati

You’ll need a car rental to get around, taxis can get quite expensive, and they’re not suitable for stays in Manati.