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Gozalandia, also known by “Las Cataratas”, “Gozalandia Falls / Waterfall”, “La Cascada del Guama”“Charca El Roble”, “Charca de la Leche”  is nestled in the verdant hills of San Sebastian, a municipality on the western region of Puerto Rico.  Gozalandia, one of the most accessible and paradisial waterfalls on the island, is so beautiful it was one of the filming locations of the Hollywood film “A Perfect Getaway”.  Actually, the name implies it is one waterfall, but there are two beautiful waterfalls in Gozalandia, both with their own unique personality and ambiance. 

Gozalandia Waterfalls ought to be on the list of top places to see for visitors staying in Rincon, Aguadilla, and Isabela, just under two hours from San Juan.  The route getting there from either San Juan or Aguadilla is a smooth easy ride and definitely worth the trip.

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Depending on when you get there, you will either have a paradisial peaceful experience, a thrilling one…  or a perfect mix of both.  Be sure to take a little more time on this page, so you can plan your trip and enjoy the experience you desire.  Whatever your pleasures may be, Cascada Gozalandia is an easy and low-cost day trip everyone can enjoy, from romantic couples to families with teens.  With today’s technology, many parents wish to spend more quality time with their children and teens, Gozalandia is one of those places where the entire family can disconnect from wifi connections and reconnect with each other and nature as they explore this enchanting place.

Years ago, getting to the waterfalls was a bit challenging.  A few years back, stairs and cement walkways were created making this natural attraction one of the most accessible for the whole family to enjoy from young children to happy active grandparents wishing to enjoy nature with family and friends.

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The Waterfalls of Gozalandia

San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

In Gozalandia, varnish clear waters sparkle over polished rocks making their way to its waterfalls through the lush tropical forest where one can refresh and renew in its cooling waters under a green canopy where sun rays shine through… making the forest come to life like a magical place.  Places such as these are one of the reasons Puerto Rico is called “La Isla del Encanto” The Enchanted Island”.

The First / Main Waterfall at Cascadas Gozalandia

Cascadas Gozalandia -

This first waterfall is about 30 ft (9 m) wide and plummets 50 ft (15 m) into a beautiful blue-green milky satin plunge pool that you can swim your heart away or just float, relax and take in all of nature’s beauty.  A surge of chills will run through your body as the cold water gently caress you, Taino Natives believed these natural pools to have healing properties, you may feel the same way after the experience.  Families with children can enjoy bathing safely, both waterfalls have a shallow “natural pool” to play and refresh.

Top Rated Gozalandia Tours - San Sebastian

You can carefully make your way up to the waterfall and jump off from the cove behind glittered satin threads of water cascading down into the winsome pool.  Water shoes are recommended to help you climb up safely.  Observe locals where they jump for some safety pointers.

For the more adventurous visitors, there is an underwater cave off to the right of the waterfall, you’ll have to swim to it, once inside there’s a space above water inside the cave for air.  Please be mindful that the surface with air may or may not be there depending on the depth of the pool.  We mention this feature for information and beautiful features of Gozalandia, do not attempt to go into the cave alone or without supervision in case you need help.

The way to the waterfall

The first waterfall is located just 4 minutes from the parking lot and the trail to it is nicely paved. Although the wooden steps down to the first waterfall are helpful, take your time on your way down as it can get a little slippery due to moss and algae.  You will also find algae on the river rocks, which is natural and normal, so take some water shoes to help with traction and support.

The Second “Upper” Waterfall at Cascadas Gozalandia

The second Gozalandia waterfall is not as big as the first one, but worth walking there with its own peculiar beauty.  The feel is more intimate, and certainly very romantic for couples wanting a place to embrace each other, and truly enjoy the essence of the island.  This is a great place for photographs, we certainly love to, but be sure to put it away, take a long pause, relax, get immersed in the beauty of the surroundings, to enjoy all the fairy details that nature designed for your enjoyment.

There are beautiful rock formations of all sizes creating a mesmerizing riverscape.  For the more adventurous, there is a fun rope where one can swing and plunge into the refreshing basin.

The way to the second waterfall

Making your way to the second waterfall will feel much more like a hike, but still on a nicely paved trail, about an additional 1/4 of a mile from the main waterfall.  On your way up, you will enjoy seeing the natural beauty of the forest and mystical riverbanks.

If you happen to pass at the right time, you can find silver river fish and shrimps down the cool water streams and in the small pools that are formed along the river.

You’ll be tempted to take many photos along the way, but we encourage you to take a backpack, put all devices away and simply enjoy the journey.  You and your children can explore this small piece of paradise as you watch their eyes fill with wonder.

If you wish to explore more of the area, feel free to ask the staff or friendly locals for more information, there are other waterfalls and natural pools to enjoy through the unpaved hiking trails.

Two Waterfalls, Two Different Experiences

Cascadas Gozalandia - San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

The Paradisial Side of Gozalandia

The Waterfalls of Gozalandia… a place so beautiful and peaceful to be that you can easily forget where you are, no cement structures or sounds of traffic… one is immersed in the melodic sounds of the forest that completely surrounds you and the flowing calming sounds of the water cascading down into a milky satin bliss-pool.  While bathing on the cooling waters, or simply sitting on a rock to admire the surroundings, you’ll feel more connected to this planet and certainly start a love affair with the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

The Paradisial side of Gozalandia can be enjoyed by waking up at dusk and heading to the mountains of San Sebastian in order to make it to the park as soon as it opens.  You’ll have a few hours to enjoy exploring the falls free of crowds.

Once here, you’ll either want to stay longer or leave with a desire to explore more of the endless list of treasures in the verdant mountains of Puerto Rico.

Best Time to Go for Paradisial Experience:  Early in the morning and on weekdays.  After 10:00 am it begins to get busy.  Summertime is especially busy with both locals and tourists visiting the waterfalls.

The Fun & Thrilling Side of Gozalandia

  • Thrill-seekers will enjoy the main waterfall, where one can jump off the 30-foot high drop into the natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall.
  • As previously mentioned, there is a cave on the first/main waterfall where you can swim into.
  • The second “upper” waterfall has a rope and some rocks where you can jump off, but not near as high as the main waterfall.  The upper falls attract a more mellow crowd that loves to relax and enjoy the journey and scenery. 

***Please be aware that you enjoy the waterfalls at your own risk.

Best time to Go for Thrilling Experience:  If you wish to jump off the rocks, it may be wiser to do it while more people are there for additional safety.  If you enjoy being around other people and a more lively environment, come later in the day, weekends are fun at Gozalandia with a more upbeat crowd.  Some locals love to play music, bring food and the whole family along for the day, so you’ll have the chance to mingle with fun, local families.

Need to Know Facts & Visiting Tips

Cascadas Gozalandia - San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

Need to Know Facts & Preparing for Visit

  • Gozalandia waterfalls are for all to enjoy with the proper safety shoes and precautions that come with visiting any natural river.
  • The walkways make it much easier to get to the falls, it is more of a walk rather than a hike, but the cement can be slippery, so proper shoe wear is recommended.
  • You’re free to bring coolers and refreshments.
  • Please bring a bag to properly dispose of trash.

Safety at Cascadas Gozalandia Waterfalls

  • Although you can visit on your own, it may be wiser to come with a tour guide that knows the falls well and will be available to assist you and your group in case you need help.  Visitors staying in the San Juan / Metro area will be the most to benefit from booking a tour that includes other fantastic attractions. (See tours below).
  • Teens and adults alike enjoy jumping off the rocks into the water.  Although locals are very friendly and helpful, you jump at your own risk.
  • If you planned on going to Gozalandia in rain season, is raining while you’re there, or there were heavy rain days before, we strongly advise that you postpone your trip or leave if you’re there while is raining.  Flash floods occur and they’re extremely dangerous and may cause loss of life.

Top Rated Tours to Gozalandia Waterfalls

San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

If you are staying in the San Juan / Metro Area and prefer friendly, knowledgeable tour guides to take care of all the details, the following are the top-rated tours to Gozalandia in San Sebastian. 

Top Rated Gozalandia Tours - San Sebastian

Gozalandia Park Information

San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

Entrance & Services at Cascadas Gozalandia

  • When you get there you are greeted by a friendly staff member who collects the $10.00 parking fee and is helpful if you have any questions.  Most of the staff is bilingual or at least can manage a basic conversation in English, beyond that you are pretty much on your own.
  • There is a nice giant outdoor chair where you can take some fun memorable pictures.
  • At the entrance of the parking deck, there is a restaurant/bar, where you may use the restrooms.  while you enjoy some refreshments before heading down to the waterfalls, adults and children alike can enjoy spotting turtles in the lake.

Fees & Hours

Make your way to San Sebastián and enjoy these mystical trails and waterfalls that make you feel like you are definitely part of this enchanted island. It’s no wonder it is considered a hidden gem.

  • Fees:  $10.00 All day parking fee
  • Hours & Days:
  • Amenities:  Food and beverage kiosk, Restrooms
  • Seating and outdoor dining area

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Map - Gozalandia Waterfalls

San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

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