The Most Visited Bioluminescent Lagoon in Puerto Rico

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Laguna Grande is located on the east coast of Puerto Rico in the town of Fajardo, part of Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, just 45 minutes from San Juan. (Map Below)  Due to its proximity to popular tourist destinations, Laguna Grande is the most visited bioluminescent body of water in Puerto Rico.  The key to enjoying this experience is clear expectations and being well informed.  We are committed to giving you real, factual information to help you plan your visit.  If Laguna Grande is not for you, Puerto Rico offers two other great bioluminescent experiences that may be just right for you and your family. 

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From San Juan, Fajardo, Luquillo & Rio Grande

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Brightness of Laguna Grande

Laguna Grande is the second brightest bioluminescent body of water in Puerto Rico.   The color ranges from greenish to blue, depending on the moon phase and other natural conditions affecting its brightness.  We don’t recommend going to the bioluminescent bay during a full moon, but if you still wish to take the tour, guides will put a tarp over kayaks or boats so you can see some bioluminescence.

Why are there no pictures or videos here?  We don’t have any that were taken at Laguna Grande.  It is challenging to capture photos or videos, even in Vieques.  The few real photos and videos available were taken in Vieques, and most of the others were photoshopped to resemble the bioluminescence color.  We, the editors of this guide, proudly offer factual and unbiased information since 2004; we can tell you that Laguna Grande is, in fact, bright; however, since it is a natural phenomenon, the brightness is not always the same, and everyone’s experience will be different.   If you wish to experience the best and brightest bioluminescent bay, head to Vieques for Mosquito Bay.

Ways to Experience Laguna Grande

By Kayak

The most popular tours at Laguna Grande are by kayak, offering a serene journey through a mangrove canal leading to the mesmerizing bioluminescent lagoon.  Swimming is prohibited at Laguna Grande, making kayaking the ideal way to immerse yourself in the radiant waters.  You can touch the water and witness its luminous glow; each time you paddle, you’ll be able to see dinoflagellates light up.  Please help protect the bioluminescent lagoon by not pouring water on yourself, as this may cause harm to the sensitive health of the lagoon.

Please Note:  Although no kayaking experience is necessary, be advised that you’ll be kayaking for about two hours.  Most visitors find kayaking part of the excitement; see the video below of the kayak journey through the channel to the bioluminescent lagoon.  The water is calm, so you’ll be cruising the channels without much effort; some people find it challenging, depending on their fitness level.  You’ll be kayaking in pitch-black mangrove channels; tour guides have flashlights and an excellent reputation for taking good care of their group.

By Boat

Alternatively, opt for a small boat tour, an excellent choice for families with young children seeking more accessible accommodations or simply a more comfortable, effortless experience.  As the boat glides through the bioluminescent waters, you’ll witness its silhouette lighting up.  Depending on the brightness of the bay, guides have different ways, to make sure you witness nature’s magical spectacle.

Need To know Facts

Laguna Grande, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Pros of Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon:

  • Tours are available with transportation for visitors staying in San Juan, Fajardo, Luquillo, and Rio Grande.
  • Some tours combine top attractions like El Yunque National Rainforest so you can make the most of your day and vacation budget.

Cons of Visiting Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon

  • Some visitors complain that there are too many people kayaking during the tour.  You’ll be kayaking on a mangrove channel.  Mangroves are protected, so you won’t be kayaking on a perfectly lined channel.
  • If this is your first time kayaking, you may find the experience challenging, and the average tour duration is 2 hours.  The trip may feel strenuous depending on the current and your fitness level.
  • The channels are dark, and some visitors feel discomfort, especially those without kayaking experience.  Tour guides do have flashlights to help along the way.  Consider taking a boat ride or choosing to go to La Parguera, where you can jump in the water, swim, and enhance your experience.
  • Weight Limits for Kayak Tours:  The weight limit for kayaks is from 220-250 pounds, be sure to check the weight limits before booking a tour, it is clearly stated in the description.  If you weigh more, you cannot participate in the tour.  Remember that scales are, give or take, 5 pounds; don’t risk losing your tour or money.

Best Places to Stay Nearby

  • The fantastic El Conquistador Resort is nestled on a cliffside with breathtaking views, spacious rooms, fantastic restaurants, a water park, and the amazing Palomino Island exclusive for hotel guests.

Map - Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Getting to Laguna Grande

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Tours depart from Las Croabas in Fajardo, pictured above.  There are restaurants and artisans around the circle and free parking.

From San Juan

From Rio Grande

Driving time to Las Croabas is an average of 40 minutes from the resort areas in Rio Grande

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From Fajardo

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