Fajardo Puerto Rico - Best Things to Do and Places to Visit Guide

Home to Laguna Grande and gateway to the islands of Puerto Rico

Fajardo is a municipality on the east coast of Puerto Rico just 45 minutes from the capital city of San Juan and the main airport.  Fajardo can be a home base for those wishing to go island hopping to the cays and offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra.  You can find many affordable vacation rentals in Fajardo and spend the rest of your vacation budget on great tours.  Fajardo is home to Laguna Grande, a bioluminescent lagoon, the second brightest in Puerto Rico.

Fajardo Puerto Rico Travel Guide

🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Fajardo

Fajardo offers one of the island’s most iconic and beloved resorts, El Conquistador.  Nestled on a cliff overlooking the Cordillera Reserve Keys, guests have exclusive access to Palomino Island and a fun waterpark for the kids and the young at heart.  There are also plenty of vacation rentals to choose from.

Main Attractions in Fajardo & Nearby

Fajardo is the home to the Laguna Grande, the bioluminescent lagoon, one of the top five natural wonders of Puerto Rico.  Icacos Cay, one of the most highly rated excursions in Puerto Rico, is about 15 minutes off the coast of Fajardo.  In Fajardo, you can take the whole family to Sevens Seas, a beach safe for swimming where you can do some snorkeling; from this beach, you can take a short hike to more secluded beaches inside the nature reserve. 

Top Excursions from Fajardo

Staying in Fajardo gives you the best choices for excursions to snorkeling excursions, island-hopping sailing charters, catamaran and boat charters to Icacos Cay, Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Vieques, and Cayo Piñeros.  Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay is in Fajardo; you can take a short taxi to Las Croabas for a boat or kayaking tour.

Pros & Cons of Staying in Fajardo

Pros:  Staying in Fajardo gives visitors who love excursions the best options for the best offshore excursions in Puerto Rico.  Fajardo is home to Laguna Grande, and some of the best hiking beaches on the East Coast.  

    Cons:  Farther from San Juan, you’ll need a car rental to visit the best attractions in the city.  Distance from San Juan is about an hour drive. 

    Getting Around Fajardo

    We recommend you rent a car for a at least a few days to explore the top beaches and some of the best attractions on the East Coast.  Some of the top excursions depart from marinas in Fajardo, so driving will be minimal to some activities. 

    Best Things to Do in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    Escape to the Secluded Icacos Cay

    Icacos Cay - Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    Cordillera Nature Reserve is among the most popular natural attractions in Fajardo.  Icacos Cay (Cayo Icacos) is the prettiest and one of the most booked tours/charters on the island by tourists.  Sunseekers can enjoy swimming, snorkeling in clear water, and breathtaking panoramic vistas.  Cordillera Nature Reserve also includes Cayo Ratones, Cayo Diablo, Cayo Lobos and Cayo Cucarachas.

    Top Rated Tours to Icacos Cay

    Kayak on Bioluminescent Waters of Laguna Grande

    Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay - Best things to do in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    Fajardo is home to Laguna Grande, the second brightest bioluminescent body of water in Puerto Rico.  Laguna Grande is a lagoon, part of Las Cabezas Nature Reserve.  Be sure to read our guide in detail, we cover all the details so you have clear expectations and prepare to have a true magical experience.  Learn more and plan your visit to Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    Top Rated Tours to Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Lagoon

    Swim, Snorkel and Sun Tan at Seven Seas Beach

    Seven Seas Beach - Things to do in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    Seven Seas Beach, formally called Balneario Seven Seas, is the beach for bathing and swimming and is the most family-friendly in Fajardo.  Seven Seas is a half-moon-shaped bay that offers calm waters year-round.  If you’re wondering, Seven Seas ranks #2 on the East Coast after Luquillo Beach.  The beach park offers parking and nearby food at kiosks.  Enjoy the vistas of Las Cabezas de San Juan Lighthouse from the beach as you lounge.  If you’re up for a relaxed hike, Seven Seas offers access to two hidden beaches, Playa Colora and Playa Escondida, be sure to read those beach guides for visiting tips and safety warnings or see quick highlights below.

    Snorkeling Tours at Seven Seas Beach - Fajardo

    Take a Hike to Playa Escondida & Playa Colora

    Playa Escondida Beach - Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    For those who prefer natural settings and love to hike, Fajardo offers a few gems.  Bring a backpack with drinks, sunblock, and some snacks, and get ready for a nice hike leading to quiet beaches where you’ll find few crowds and unspoiled undeveloped beaches.  Please keep in mind that there are no lifeguards, you swim at your own risk and if you need medical assistance it will take a while for help to arrive due to the access.  The hike begins at Seven Seas Beach where you may park, at a comfortable walking pace, it takes about 25 minutes to arrive at the beaches.  Playa Escondida has some shallow areas safe for swimming.  Playa Colora is a beach to be visually enjoyed, NOT safe for swimming.

    Playa Colora Beach - Fajardo, Puerto Rico Beaches

    Visit Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve & Lighthouse

    Fajardo, Puero Rico - Las Cabezas de San Juan

    A wonderful family and educational activity is a tour of the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve & Lighthouse.  Take a walk along the mangrove forest, visit the gorgeous Rocosa Beach, and enjoy the stunning views of the offshore islands and Fajardo coastline from the platform of the oldest lighthouse in Puerto Rico.

    Map - Places to Visit in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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