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Playa Escondida is one of the best beaches in Fajardo for beach-lovers seeking a tranquil natural escape into nature.  Park at Seven Seas Beach and head to the hiking trail, located west of the beach.  The hike to Escondida Beach takes about 30 minutes, on your way there stop by Playa Colora, boasting a gorgeous landscape.

Although Playa Escondida is not recommended for swimming, the ambiance is quiet and the landscape is natural without development. The views of the coastline are very pretty and you can take a nice long walk in total peace.  Be sure to bring a backpack with all your necessities, drinks, snacks, and bug repellent.

Please Note: The photos below were taken during great weather in early fall.  During the winter months, the water gets rougher and more dangerous and swimming is not allowed according to signs posted due to strong currents.  The area beyond the shallow area is dangerous and various and people have drowned, looks can be deceiving, what looks like innocent playful waves may have strong undercurrents.

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Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico  ⏐ Puerto Rico Beaches  ⏐ Fajardo, Puerto Rico  ⏐ Playa Escondida Beach, Fajardo

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