Go Snorkeling with a Local Guide at Crash Boat Beach

Gas Chambers is located in the beach town of Aguadilla, on the northwest side of Puerto Rico.  The entry point is from the famous Crash Boat Beach, one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico

From late spring until early fall, Gas Chambers become calm and clear attracting kayakers, snorkelers, and paddleboarders.​

During the winter months, surfers suffering from winter blues head to Aguadilla wishing to hit the awaited Gas Chambers breaks offering some of the most challenging waves.  We spoke to local surfers and a few travelers which all agreed that Gas Chambers offers some of the best surfing experiences a surfer could dream of.   Gas Chambers only breaks 5-8 times a year, but when it does, the lucky surfers that happen to be in Aguadilla for it, get to ride on World Class perfect tubes.  Although exciting, Gas Chambers is for experienced, pro surfers only, waves are powerful.  The bottom is sandy with sharp rocks and coral.

Crowds at Gas Chambers Beach in Aguadilla

When Gas Chambers breaks, the beach gets crowded with people coming for the show of watching surfers, expect to receive loud Puerto Rican style cheers.  Expect crowds on the water as well when it breaks.

Access to Gas Chambers

Gas Chambers is located right next to the popular Crash Boat Beach offering easy access, a quick walk from the parking area.  As you are facing Crash Boat Beach, walk to the right, at the end of the beach you’ll see a rock wall starting, that’s Gas Chambers.

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Map - Gas Chambers Beach

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