Food, Dancing, Rum & Cocktails & Colorful Art

You won’t often see, people as part of the reasons to visit a destination… if read through reviews, you’ll find travelers describing the warmth, friendliness, and humor of Puerto Ricans, enhancing the vacation experience and changing every stereotype you may have heard.  Puerto Ricans always make up a reason to gather, laugh, dance… and celebrate life and when trouble comes, we sing our way through challenges.  Across the island, every town has many events throughout the year, we invite you to attend cultural events, there’s always good food, live music, artisan stands, and a family-friendly atmosphere.  San Juan has the most events year-round.

We invite you to be part of the happiest culture in the world, take a salsa dance class, spend a few days exploring beaches the chilled Boricua way, and live the island life.  While you explore, don’t look for fancy top-rated restaurants on your phone, stop by roadside food vendors and local restaurants and bakeries, where you’ll get good food at non-tourist spot prices.

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