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Playa Colora - Beach on the East Coast of Puerto Rico

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Playa Colora is a treat to the senses… come for a walk, sit down on a rock, and delight in the rumbling sounds of the ocean, sights of curling turquoise waves, and the delicate movement of white foam against a thick carpet of deep reddish-golden sand.  Along the edges of Playa Colora, a rock wall and boulders on the sand create a dramatic landscape with contrasting colors of the water, sand, and sky.

Playa Colora - One of the most beautiful beaches in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Getting to Playa Colora is part of the adventure, park at Seven Seas beach, and head towards the hiking trail on the west side of the beach.

Playa Colora - Colora Beach - Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Be sure to use the restrooms at Seven Seas or restaurants nearby before heading to Playa Colora and bring drinks, snacks, and items you may need at the beach including bug repellent.

Hiking Trail to Colora Beach in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

When you see the beach for the first time, you may wish to jump right in, but please refrain from swimming at this beach, Playa Colora is NOT A BEACH SAFE for swimming.  Currents can get high really fast and pull you out into open water where is difficult to swim due to strong currents.  When the tide is low, adventurers love to walk along the beach all the way to the west side, some climbing along rocks will be required, be sure to wear sturdy hiking shoes, not sandals.

Playa Colora - Beaches in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

During low tide and summer months, when the water is calmer, if you walk west past the first rocky outcrop, keep walking until the next rock outcrop, you’ll find a nice shallow area along the rocks where you can relax on the water.  

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Puerto Rico  ⏐ Puerto Rico East Coast Beaches  ⏐ Fajardo, Puerto Rico  ⏐ Playa Colora, Fajardo