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Playa Jaboncillo is the one beach cove that captivates from the moment you see it from the road as come around the scenic bend of Rt. 333.  A dirt road will lead down to this quiet and scenic beach perfect for relaxation and reading a good book, it is located in the town of Guanica on the west coast of Puerto Rico.  Playa Jaboncillo is a small beach cove framed by limestone cliffs and lush mountains of dry forest.

Playa Jaboncillo - Guanica, Puerto Rico

As you relax on your beach chair enjoy scenic views of the hills of Guanica and cliffs across the water.  Playa Jaboncillos is a nice little beach to bring your lounge chair to relax, do a little snorkeling if the water is calm.  Most of the time the each is nice and quiet and you may have it yourself.  Most of the beach floor is grassy but there are shallow clear spots for bathing and playing in the water.

If you’re facing the water, the rocky side on the left is possible to do a little snorkeling from late spring to early fall when the water is calmer.  There are no lifeguards at this beach, so please supervise your children at all times.

Overview & Facilities of Playa Jaboncillo in Guanica

  • Scenic spot for photographers
  • We haven’t seen any tourists in the area, mostly locals with kids.
  • Playa Jaboncillo offers a gazebo for family picnics, please bring your own trash bags and take your trash with you and keep our beaches clean and beautiful.
  • No bathrooms.
  • No lifeguards.

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Guanica, Puerto Rico

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Guanica, Puerto Rico