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Playa Sardinera is a romantic off-the-beaten-path beach, located in the town of Hatillo, along the north coast.  This beach is relatively unknown to tourists but loved by local families and couples seeking a quiet romantic beach spot.  You won’t find fancy beachfront resorts at this beach or facilities, most of the beach at Playa Sardinera has its natural landscape.   The beach is comprised of two main beach areas, each with its own special qualities.  The main beach is an expansive natural pool created by the strong waves of the Atlantic flow over and a natural wall.

The natural pool is constantly filled with water from the sea that’s clear, calm, and refreshing.  The water then constantly flows out to the west, always keeping it shallow and fresh.

The deepest we’ve personally seen the water is about 3.5 feet from late fall through spring, more shallow during summer months.  The natural pools along the north coast get deeper when there is a cold front in the north affecting the ocean conditions.

On the west side of the main beach / natural pool from the main entrance of the beach, the water is very shallow.

It is a wonderful spot to watch the waves crashing, have a relaxed conversation, and observe birds and pelicans hanging out at the rocky outcrop. You’ll taste a salty taste on your lips from the mist on the air created by the waves crashing again the rocks.

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(Sorry about the quality of the photo below, we were enjoying the view and quickly took it with the phone camera)

Most of the beachgoers use the deeper end of the beach and families hang out by the picnic tables, so the rest of the beach remains nice and quiet.  A quick beach walk heading east (right if facing the water), takes you to the prettiest beach area in our opinion.  The sandy area is wider, as you walk you’ll find gardens naturally landscaped with wildflower plants growing along the sand…

and a few intimate shaded spots with sweeping views of the length of the beach.

On the east side of Playa Sardinera, the coral wall continues to extend, and so does another long and narrow natural pool.

Each time we’ve gone, we’ve shared the beach with one family or had it to ourselves.  We do love sharing the beach with pelicans, playfully diving in the water, and making a splash searching for fish.  No worries they maintain their space and won’t bother you, kids love to watch.

During mid-afternoon, rainclouds may pass, if it rains, it typically doesn’t last very long, sometimes a few minutes… then gorgeous rainbows may appear to complete the landscape and make you smile…

We hope you enjoy your visit to Playa Sardinera as much as we do.

Please help us keep this beach beautiful by only leaving footprints and never leaving trash.

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Puerto Rico  ⏐ Puerto Rico North Coast Beaches ⏐ Playa Sardinera, Hatillo