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Wilderness Beach is a surfing beach in the town of Aguadilla, on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, loved by the more experienced surfer with long waves going up to 10 feet.  Access to the surfing area is easy, with ample parking.  New visitors to this beach are advised to hire a surfing pro from the area for safety.

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Getting to Wilderness is a fun ride through a dirt road through lush greens, during periods of rain, you will definitely need a 4×4.  To get there begin at the golf course.

Make a quick stop at Punta Borinquen Beach before heading to Wilderness, you can also make a stop at the lighthouse ruins, a scenic spot where you can take some great photos.  Get back on the road and head west to the end.

During the summer months when the water is calmer, you can enjoy offshore fishing, kayaking, a little snorkeling along the rocky shore, and a nice walk along the beach.

Facilities & Services at Wilderness Beach

  • There are no facilities at Wilderness Beach, no bathrooms, shops, or food vendors.  Bring everything you will need during your visit.
  • There are NO lifeguards at Wilderness, you swim at your own risk.
  • Entrance to Wilderness is free and there is no fee to park.

Photo Gallery - Wildnerness Beach

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Map - Wilderness Beach

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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