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Surfer’s Beach, located in the town of Aguadilla, is among the best surfing beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico.  Among the surfing beaches, this is one of our favorites for its landscape, cozy romantic spots under palm trees to contemplate the ocean… and those cool parking spots…  While the action is on the waves, the shore remains nice and quiet attracting a few mellow travelers seeking peace, and relaxation.   Surfer’s is the starting point to the best beach hike on the island, leading to the stunning landscape of Survival and Tabletop.

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Although Surfer’s Beach is not for swimming, the sights and sounds offer the perfect ambiance to lounge and the added entertainment of watching surfers.  Stay longer to see what magic the sunset will bring.

There are a few areas sandy areas shaded by almond and leaning palm trees.  Bring a hammock, your favorite book, or simply relax to the sounds of the waves and singing of birds.  The shore is rocky, the north end of Surfer’s Beach has some beautiful formations that you can admire by taking a short walk.

There is plenty of parking giving visitors easy access to the beach.

We encourage you to bring some good hiking sneakers/boots, plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks and go for the best beach hike on the west coast of the island… Survival & Tabletop Beach.   Surfer’s Beach offers the best access to Survival Beach, you can park your car and follow the trail after you cross the small wooden bridge.  

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Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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Aguadilla, Puerto Rico