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Go to San German for an afternoon walk on the cobblestone streets; The City of Hills, the Founder of Towns.  San German’s city is colorful, elegant, rich in history with about 250 historic Spanish Colonial buildings.  If you’re a history buff and lover of Old World Architecture, be sure to put San German in your Puerto Rico itinerary.   San German is the second oldest town in Puerto Rico, one of the best towns to admire our architectural heritage. 

View towards the center town of San German from the mountain side.

San Germàn is perched on green mountains overlooking the neighboring town of Lajas.  In San German, you can visit historical places such as cathedrals, small but interesting museums, and have family fun at Surf ‘n Fun Water Park.  After visiting San German, you can visit enjoy the beaches of Guanica, offshore cays of La Parguera, and the beaches of Cabo Rojo.  If you wish to go sightseeing to more historic places, head ot the historic district of Mayaguez, one of the most active and elegant squares in Puerto Rico.

Following are the best things to do and places to visit in San German, Puerto Rico. 

Porta Coeli (Museum of Religious Art Santo Domingo de Porta Coeli)

Porta Coeli Church Museum - San German Puerto Rico - Places to Visit

Porta Coeli (Museum of Religious Art Santo Domingo de Porta Coeli) is the most precious landmark in the historic district of San German.  Porta Coeli one of the oldest churches in the Americas and the oldest church under the United States jurisdiction.  Today the church houses a museum’s art collection which includes wood statues of Santos (saints), paintings, sculptures, and images with history excerpts.  

Take a walk on the Historic District of San German

Casa Morales Lugo - A victorian style home in San German, Puerto Rico

San German is the most delightful town in which to take a walk in the west coast region of Puerto Rico.  Start your walking tour at Porta Coeli, and wander around the plazas and surrounding streets.  San German is like a mini Old San Juan, but some like it better because it is quiet and has retained a small town intimate feel.  You can walk around the historic district without crowds, stop at unique shops, visit museums, enter the historic Cathedral.  If you love architecture, you’re in for a treat; walk around the streets in the historic district to admire the pastel-colored homes with their original Spanish Colonial design.  San German is a great point of interest for photography enthusiasts.

Visit the Museums

San German offers various museums, all located within the historic district in the center of town.  We encourage visitors to spend a full morning or afternoon visiting and supporting the great efforts the community has done to connect you with Puerto Rican history and art.  Please visit the tourism office at La Alcaldia (Mayor’s / Municipal Building) for information on hours and locations. 

Plazas of San German

San German is the only town in Puerto Rico with two plazas. One faces the historic church of Porta Coeli and the other faces the traditional Catholic church and Alcaldia (Mayor’s Office).  Cultural events take place at the plazas and you’ll often find friendly locals playing music for the enjoyment of every visitor.  After taking a walk around the historic district, the plaza is a great place to end the visit by sitting at a bench under a tree to enjoy a time of relaxation during the day just as locals do.

Surf ‘n Fun Water Park

San German Puerto Rico Water Park - Surf and Fun

While San German doesn’t have beaches, it sports the best waterpark on the island, and currently the biggest in the Caribbean. The municipality invested 23.3 million dollars, making San German an even more attractive point of interest for residents of the island and tourists.  Surf ‘n Fun Water Park opened in 2015, offering fun for the entire family with attentive staff, secure and clean facilities. Surf ‘n Fun Water Park has a variety of fun water activities from sprinklers for toddlers to surf simulators.  If you’re visiting Porta del Sol, take a break from the beach and come to Surf ‘n Fun Water Park, you and your children will have a fun memorable time.  The park has an off season, please visit the official website for days and hours.

Address:  Carr. PR2 Km. 174.2, San German, PR  / Tel: 787-659-7440

San German Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Best Places to Stay in San German, Puerto Rico

We recommend you stay in the nearby city of Mayaguez, the beach town of Cabo Rojo, or Copamarina Beach Resort in Guanica.

Travel to San German

For information on traveling to San German and the west coast of Puerto Rico, please visit our Puerto Rico Airport Guide.

If you are already on the west side of Puerto Rico, take Rt 2 from Mayaguez. If you are traveling to San Germàn from San Juan get on the San Juan Expressway #18 South, to San Juan Expressway #52 South, to Ponce Road (Carretera ) #2 East, to San Germàn Road #360 South. The drive from San Juan is about 1 hour, 45 minutes with traffic.

Map - San German

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