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Teatro La Perla stands as a cherished cultural hub in Ponce,, inviting both locals and visitors to partake in a rich tapestry of shows, musicals, and events.  Music and art, deeply ingrained in Puerto Rican culture, take center stage during significant events such as the Pablo Casals Festival, Luis Torres Nadal Theatre Festival, and the Theatre Festival of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

This historic theatre, the second oldest in use on the island, has weathered challenges, including destruction by an earthquake in 1918 and fire damage in 1924.  Rising from these trials, Teatro La Perla was meticulously reconstructed in 1941, retaining the original facade that architects Francisco Porrata Doria and Francisco Gardón envisioned.  Subsequently remodeled in 1990, the theater boasts a seating capacity of 1,047, providing an immersive cultural experience for its audience.

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