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Isabela is still considered one of the unbeaten paths of Puerto Rico; unlike other destinations around the island, you’ll find Isabela to be relaxed with an authentic island vibe.  Isabela, a city kissed by the sun, caressed by the warm Atlantic waters, naturally landscaped by lush green and a kaleidoscope of wild tropical flowers on the hilly side.  Visitors can explore over 3 miles of coastline and tranquil forest trails in the lush mountains.  In Isabela, the Atlantic waves crash against rocks, reefs, and cliffs to create melodies that speak to visitors’ souls…a great place to unwind, and reconnect with loved ones.  The town of Isabela is warm, friendly, colorful, and tranquil.  Visitors will feel right at home because of the warm hospitality of the locals.  Isabela invites you to explore its beaches, taste great local food, connect with the natural beauty, and experience the island life.

🏨 Best Hotels & Resorts in Isabela

Royal Isabela - Best places to stay in Puerto RicoTop Rated Places to Stay In Isabela

  • Royal Isabela - The only golf resort on the West Coast nestled atop a scenic cliff-top overlooking the ocean.  Royal Isabela has a romantic setting for couples with stunning sunsets, fine dining, private suites with their pool, and live entertainment on weekends.
  • Villa Montaña - An intimate beachfront resort facing Shacks Beach.

Main Attractions & Things to Do in Isabela

Pros & Cons of Staying in Isabela


Just 10 minutes from the Aguadilla Airport. Uncrowded beaches, traditional food at non-touristy prices, budget-friendly vacation rentals.


    Traffic can be heavy on the main road during work traffic.  

    Getting Around Isabela

    A car rental is the best option for exploring and seeing all of the attractions in Isabela and nearby.  Both airports mentioned above have many car rental companies and options.

    Location of Isabela, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico Map - Municipality of Isabela

    Isabela is located on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, just minutes from the Aguadilla airport. A short drive from Isabela, you can visit the top caves in the north region and more exciting attractions and beaches on the west coast, making it an excellent location for visitors who wish to explore the most loved region on the island.

    Along the coastal valley, Isabela has the town of Aguadilla and Quebradillas as neighbors.  On the verdant hills, Isabela is a neighbor to the towns of San Sebastian and Moca. The Land area is about 56 square miles / 238.2 Km.

    Travel - Airport Options - Isabela, Puerto Rico

    Isabela, a municipality on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico offers various travel options for tourists.  If you live on the east coast of the United States you’ll be happy to know that in just 4 hours you’ll be basking under the Puerto Rican sun.  You have two airport options to fit your travel needs and desired vacation itinerary.

    Option #1:  San Juan Airport

    Numerous daily flights from various major airlines fly into Luis Munoz Marin Airport (SJU) from many cities in the United States.  Isabela is 72 miles west from San Juan.  It is about a 1.5 to 2 hour drive from SJU to Isabela, depending on traffic and road conditions.

    You may take a taxi from the airport, but that would be very costly due to the distance away.  The drive is easy and on major roads, so we advise tourists to rent a car at the airport.  That way, you may also enjoy exploring all the attractions and things to do in Isabela and nearby places in the Porta del Sol region (west coast).

    Vacation Tip: To make your day of arrival easier and have the bonus of exploring another destination in Puerto Rico, we recommend you stay in San Juan 1 or 2 nights in order to explore Old San Juan.  After seeing the historic city, leave San Juan after a relaxed breakfast and then head to Isabela.

    Option #2: Aguadilla Airport

    Airline carriers flying from the USA to the Aguadilla Airport, Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN) include United Airlines, Spirit and JetBlue.  Isabela is only about a 10-minute drive east from the Aguadilla Airport to the most popular hotels in town.  Because it is best to explore Isabela and/or the west coast with a car, we highly recommend you rent a car ahead of time through an online booking service rather than at the airport.  If you’re staying at a resort in Isabela and don’t need transportation around Isabela, taxis are available and waiting outside of the airport after flight arrivals.

    San Juan Airport vs. Aguadilla Airport

    San Juan Aiport (SJU) – Many more airlines and convenient flights to choose from, but it is a longer drive to Isabela from San Juan.  A great travel option is staying in San Juan for two nights to enjoy Old San Juan and the city attractions.

    Aguadillla (BQN) – Only 10 minutes away from Isabela, but flights are very limited to three airlines, from only a few select departure locations, and with inconvenient arrival times typically between 1 am and 5 am.

    Festivals & Events in Isabela, Puerto Rico

    For dates and more information please call 787-872-2100, 787-872-6400, 787-872-1034

    • Fiesta de Reyes – January
    • Festival del Tejido – Art exhibits of needlecraft, music, food and family fun. – May
    • Festival en Honor al Santo Patrón San Antonio de Padua / Isabela Patron Saint Festival– Music, games. – June
    • Festival del Tango – June
    • Festival de la Virgen del Carmen – July
    • Natalicio Manuel Corchado y Juarbe – September
    • Isabela tiene Sabor – November (due to elections, it took place in October this year)
    • Yuca Festival – Held at the Plaza de los Festivales, come for great food made with Yucca, music and local art crafts. – October
    • Encendido Navideño – (Christmas Lighting) – November
    • Classic and Antique Auto Show – Plaza de los Festivalea – November
    • Festival de los Santos Inocentes – December

    Basic Facts - Isabela, Puerto Rico

    Isabela’s history dates back to the early 1700s.  The first Spanish settlement was San Antonio de la Tuna.

    • Name:  This municipality is named Isabela in honor of Queen Isabella I.
    • Where is Isabela?: Isabela is part of the West Coast tourist region, in northwest Puerto Rico.  Along the coastal valley, Isabela has the town of Aguadilla and Quebradillas as neighbors.  On the verdant hills, Isabela is a neighbor to the towns of San Sebastian and Moca.
    • Land Area: About 56 square miles / 238.2 Km
    • Barrios: Isabela is divided into barrios:Arenales Altos, Arenales Bajos, Bajuras, Bejucos, Coto, Galateo Alto, Galateo Bajo, Guayabos, Guerreros, Jobos, Llanadas, Mora, Planas y Pueblo.
    • Population: Average of 50,000 residents.
    • Gentilicio (Demonym): Isabelinos
    • Parroquia (Parish): San Antonio de Padua

    Tourism Office & Services - Isabela, Puerto Rico

    • Tourism Information Office:  The Tourism Office of Isabela is located on the first floor of Casa Alcaldia (Mayor’s Building) across from the plaza in town. Grab a cup of coffee at the plaza or nearby coffee shops, then head to the tourist office, where staff is ready to help you plan a great stay and coordinate a tour when available.  Office phone # (787) 872-2100 ext 1201 / 1204
    • Alcaldia (Mayor’s Office):  Tel: 787-872-2100 Postal Address: P.O. Box 507, Isabela, PR 00662-0507
    • Hospital: 787-872-2100 – See location on the map below.
    • Police Station: 787-872-2020 – See location on the map below.

    Weather in Isabela, Puerto Rico

    The beach town of Isabela offers residents and visitors the pleasant balmy weather that Puerto Rico is known for.  Blue, sunny skies.  The average temperature year round is 85°F.  During the summer months, temperatures range from 85°F to 95°F. During winter months temperatures are the most pleasant, nights get cooler and days warm up to 85°F.


    Weather Forecast for Isabela, Puerto Rico

    NOAA – Isabela/ San Juan Puerto Rico Water Temperature Forecast

    Average Monthly Water Temperatures (°F) at Isabela Beaches, PR   (source: NOAA)

    Jan – 77 Jul – 81
    Feb – 78 Aug – 83
    Mar – 78 Sep – 83
    Apr – 79 Oct – 82
    May – 81 Nov – 81
    Jun – 82 Dec – 80