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Sandy Beach is one of the favorite surfing beaches in Puerto Rico located in the town of Rincon, on the west coast of Puerto Rico.  At Sandy Beach, you’ll find surfers of all levels enjoying the surf, but this is a favorite for beginners or those that want to learn.  Sandy Beach is known as a cool place to lounge, where families and groups of friends love to go for a day under the sun with the added fun of watching surfers.  

There are plenty of restaurants to enjoy great food and drinks, and of course, you can enjoy a glorious Rincon sunset at the end of each day.   Sandy Beach used to be wider, but Hurricane Maria made it narrower but there’s still plenty of sand and space to relax even on a busy day.

Water & Activities at Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico

Sandy Beach is one of the best surfing beaches in Rincon, where several surfing instructors take visitors to learn to surf.  Just behind the palm trees on the parking lot, there are kiosks and a trailer where you can rent watersports equipment such as surfboards, chairs, umbrellas, and more.

Sandy Beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico

For a more relaxing activity, Sandy Beach is great for taking a romantic walk on the beach or taking the whole family to enjoy the sights and a treasure hunt for sea glass.

When the conditions are good, you can do a little swimming on the shallow end, but this beach is best for surfing.  Please be aware that due to the undertow, it can be dangerous, and very challenging to swim and some individuals have sadly drowned in the past.  There are no lifeguards at Sandy Beach.

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Food at Sandy Beach – Rincon, Puerto Rico

Sandy Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico

When you get hungry, you can stop by Tamboo Tavern, an open wooden deck along the water, one of the most popular beach bars in Rincon, where you can enjoy a great lunch or dinner to the glow of a romantic sunset.  There are other small pubs and casual places to eat and drink within walking distance of the beach.

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Services & Facilities at Sandy Beach

  • Restrooms:  There are no restrooms or facilities at Sandy Beach.  You may purchase drinks and food at nearby restaurants and use their restrooms.
  • Lifeguards:  There are no lifeguards at Sandy Beach.
  • Parking: Free at the public lot or off-street parking.

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Map - Sandy Beach

Rincon, Puerto Rico

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